Last 70 days of 2013 – Day 1: Accept responsibility, no one will pay for your mess!

Last 70 days of 2013 – Day 1: Accept responsibility, no one will pay for your mess!

It is amazing to be at this point of the year, because, for sure, God has been good to keep you and I till this moment and time of the year. At the same time, it could be full of mixed feelings to be at this point of the year and only to look back with regrets. I know that while there are many who are singing songs of victory over the year already, there are also many people who wished the year had come to this point better for them. So in this first day of this #LAST70DAYSOF2013 series, let’s address that, once and for all…..
Okay, so you think this year was not a good year for you? Seriously, like you think the year fast approaching it’s end has not been fair? I know you started with pictures in your mind’s eyesvisions in your heart and you had the guts to dream big dreams for 2013. I know you wanted to buy a new car, or build a house, or a business, or a career or even a combination of these and take them to the next level, or even get a better job, or even get married to the love of your life in 2013 (unfortunately, that honeymoon dream did not come to pass this year)…. And here we are; after today, we will have just 69 days to the end of the year and you are wondering whatever happened to dreams and visions? Okay, here is the truth that you must know if you want to see something different in 2014. Nothing was wrong with the year nor with the dreams and visions you had for the year, for they are both pure and perfect in themselves. But dreams and visions do not just happen. Plans do not just happen.
Someone has to work hard, pay the necessary price, do the right things at the right times with the right people to make them happen. You do not sleep and wake up on top of successunless you are living in wonderland with Alice. So the question here is ‘how many times did you respond to your ability in 2013′? You may think I am harsh but the truth is, everything was wrong with you. Yes, you were the one who got it all wrong. So now what? Am I judging you for not making those dreams and visions come to pass this year? No! If you knew me, you’d bet I even fight against judgemental people. In a world of today, where blame games hold sway, it is even possible to hear people say ‘God was the reason why the year is ending without results for you because He never cared about you’. I am also talking to myself as I reflect back and see things I wanted to achieve and yet did not or could not. I am looking back as well to see things I need to accept responsibility for and not heap blames on the government, economy, my bank, friends, family or colleagues at the office. But I think sometimes, we need to be truthful to ourselves. 
So, today I want you to accept responsibility for the dreams and visions that slipped through your hands for the year because no one will pay for it. Especially, the mess you made of your time, networks and relationships, resources, ideas that came your way you didn’t use…. I am actually sounding this way to cause a holy provocation in your inside towards 2014 and reflect over how you want it to end and the things you truly need to give to it or sacrifice to make it happen, so it won’t slip through your hands with the dreams and visions you will create for it as we journey together through the next 70 days.
Anyone can graciously accept success and good times. On the other hand, it takes a strong character to successfully cope with adversities and failures and still decide to move forward with a positive outlook. And that’s the type of person we all need to be as we all approach 2014 with all the hope, dreams, visions and aspiration that it will be a great year. It starts today. Become responsible to everyday of your life and live it in the life of “how best have I attended to everything that came my way today”? Respond positively to your ability, without fear or despair.
I believe that you can sing a new song in 2014 if you decide today to take responsibility for your life and what God has given to you in the next 69 days as you prepare for next year. Respond to your ability today, that is what it means to be responsible!
Prayer: Your life MUST excel! You will receive the power of God to respond to the abilities inside of you to achieve success come 2014! Amen.

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Photo credit: Happytoinspire.

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