Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 2: Align your dreams and visions to God’s agenda

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 2: Align your dreams and visions to God’s agenda

Yesterday, I started the #LAST70DAYSOF2013 series with a discussion on taking personal responsibility first for your life and then for your mistakes. I want to thank you for stopping by and sharing your time with me. I hope you found it a good reading. Please, if you do, share with your friends and invite them to visit the ‘As we journey through life’ blog where this series is also running daily just like on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to also share your views, drop a comment or ask a question as it is also my hope that this series will trigger a positive rubbing of minds among the readers. So today is the second day in the journey and it is my pleasure to welcome you and introduce you to the challenge for today…. “Align your dreams and visions to God’s agenda”.
A new year brings new beginning and often starts with new vigour, dreams, visions and goals. However, shortly into the year, many people grow weary and lose the momentum to pursue these dreams and visions and so fail to achieve their goals at the end of the year (just like we discussed yesterday on accepting responsibility which can be found on this link) due to necessary obstacles and challenges. As a result, we become, fearful, anxious and discouraged. Sadly what we do is “give up, and let another dream die”.
So, you may ask, ‘why do some dreams die while others never do?’ The answer is simple. Dreams die because of the ‘WHY’ behind them. By that, I mean dreams die because they are aligned to the wrong purpose. In a world where there has been so much of emphasis on what ‘you’ can achieve on your own, it is very possible and easy to lose thought of the truth, that in every success achieved, there is the ‘supernatural factor’ that backs it up. I want to ask a simple question that means a lot…. where is God’s place in your dreams and visions? If you take a second thought about the year that is quickly wrapping up, you will discover that probably, you started with God but along the line, you lost touch with Him and went on all by yourself. No matter how good and wonderful your dreams and visions are, if they do not align with God’s agenda and have no place for God’s view, they will likely not make any difference at all. And worst still, you may end up venting all your energy and resources into something that leads you to nowhere.
When your dreams and visions for the year are aligned to God’s agenda, you can be sure that no matter what obstacle or opposition that comes your way, you will be strong enough to overcome it. With that, you have a guaranteed way to accomplish the goals you desire without stressing or burning yourself out. You can actually enjoy the journey and develop a balanced life in the process. Furthermore, you can be assured that the goal you are pursuing is worthy of the investment of your life. It will be significant, make a difference in this world and have eternal consequences. Does this sound appealing? Here is how it works.
The bible says in Proverbs 16:3 “Roll your works upon the Lord [commit and trust them wholly to Him; He will cause your thoughts to become agreeable to His will, and] so shall your plans be established and succeed”(AMP). Hence, it is not the size of a dream or vision that matters most but how much the dream or vision is aligned to God’s agenda for mankind. So, as you carve out the plans for what you want to achieve, it should go beyond you, you and yourself to the people around you and how your dreams and visions for the year will extend a helping hand, joy, happiness to others and add value to their lives. When your dream or vision looks to how to put a smile on someone else’s face or impact other people positively and make their life better, God then provides all the support systems you will need to accomplish the dream and vision.
So let me conclude with a few points on how you know your dreams and visions for 2014 are aligned to God’s agenda
– They are connected to your most important values
– They bring you closer to God
– They are connected to your life purpose and core gifts
– They make you happy in the deepest way possible
– They do not give you any feeling of fear and restlessness
Let me close today’s series by saying that if you must see your dreams and visions for 2014 come to pass and not go the same way as 2013, then, they must be God-breathed, God-planned and God-given. You must give God room to do His will in your life and you will be rest assured that all will be well with your dreams and visions as we journey through life into 2014.
Prayer: Your path will be like a shining light in 2014. You will not be confused about which way to follow in 2014 because your footsteps will be guided by His wisdom
Photo credits: Mudpreacher and Oh Amanda 

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