Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 3: Act on your ideas as they come

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 3: Act on your ideas as they come

“One idea lights a thousand candles.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson
Welcome to day 3 of #LAST70DAYSOF2013. I am really getting excited about this project because of the things I am learning from it. I believe my 2014 will surely be great. I want to appreciate you for stopping by again today. Do not forget to share if you believe this is blessing you, because you never can tell who you will bless when you share this. If this is your first visit to this series, you can read the previous days’ chats on my Facebook notes or on my blog here. I hope you also find a meaning point from today’s inspiration. So, let’s discuss ‘acting on your ideas’ today.
Firstly, I want to remind you that idea is the most power structure in the world. Everything in life, good or bad (I am actually assuming your ideas are good ideas….if not this won’t be of any help to you) is standing on an idea. Your ideas are like visiting angels that must be attended to immediately, if not they will disappear and never to come again. You must find a way to entertain them by acting on them immediately as they come. When you do not act on your ideas, you are encouraging them to fade away. The ideas you neglected or procrastinated acting on last year were the ideas that would have transformed your life but for the fact that you didn’t take them seriously. In 2014, you cannot afford to make the same mistake.
Your idea is a gift from God that can transform your life and generation, for the bible says ‘But there is [a vital force] a spirit [of intelligence] in man, and the breath of the Almighty gives men understanding’ in Job 32:8 (AMP). How you value the inspirations that flow from the Spirit of God into your heart determines the level of creativity you will exhibit and ultimately the degree to which you will achieve success in whatever you do per time. Interestingly, God is not a waster. So when He gives you an idea and you fail to act on it and make it productive, He takes it from you and gives it to someone willing to make something out of it. That is why, if you reflect back very well, you would have had times you see someone do something and you feel like ‘Oh my God! I had this in mind and I wanted to do it but did not’. Yes, I have been there too and have decided to change and begin to act on the ideas that flow in to my heart. Friend, when you begin to act on your ideas, you become limitless and the world becomes your playing field.
There is nothing on earth more powerful than an idea like I said at the beginning. Everything you see today was a product of an idea, including the laptop or desktop, tablet or the smart-phone you are using to read this article now. And you can be sure that by acquiring it, you have made the initiator of the idea behind the technology you are using richer. Idea is the source of everything. No successful man you know today became successful without an idea. What have revolutionalized our world today are people’s ideas because every revolutionary personality has an idea power. Think of the internet, think of the airplane, think of the mobile technology, think of cars and think of solar power? Someone first got the inspiration to attempt each of these first as an idea. Interestingly, ideas outlive the initiator, such that even if it is not achieved in the lifetime of the initiator, so long as it was communicated, it will continue to thrive long after the man is gone.
Ideas are important that without ideas, progress isn’t made, change doesn’t happen, much of human development will stop. But ideas can’t go anywhere unless they are acted upon. Think of the idea that made Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Covenant University, MacDonald, KFC, Internet, Lagos Business School, Hult Prize, and so numerous to mention a success. Your idea and mine can be mentioned in the list in 2014, if we act on them…..
So let me share the actions you can take and make your ideas materialise and then close with that:
– Write down your ideas as soon as they come in a special “idea book” (I call mine my “thought bag” and carry it everywhere I go).
– Think more about it than you talk about it.
– Find time to pray about your ideas to discern if it from God
– Identify if you have the necessary resources you need to make it come to pass
– Train for the skills set you do not have but need to realize your ideas
– Network with others with like minds who have resources you cannot provide and find a ‘meeting point’ to work with them on the idea 
– Be courageous enough to step out in faith with your idea
– Avoid idea killers with the negative mentality
– Balance the business and the philanthropic aspects of your idea
– Continue to commit the idea to God and ask for His blessing on it
Prayer: In 2014, your ideas will not drop to the ground. Your ideas will transform your life and people around you. God will help you make them happen! Amen.
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Photo credits: The Mojo Company and Goldfire blog

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