Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 7: Adopt a learning posture

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 7: Adopt a learning posture

“A wise man will hear, and will increase learning….” King Solomon
Today is Day 7 of #LAST70DAYSOF2013 and God is graduating perfecting this project. My shout out goes to all who have been following and as well sharing with their friends and family. I am persuaded that by the time we get to Day 70, you must have undergone a serious transformation and ready for what 2014 brings with it. Surely, you will end 2014 better than you are ending this year if you follow faithfully and determine not just to read the notes but also put them to use. The essence of this is to help change your lifestyle and attitude so you can live the life designed for you by God. So today we will look at learning and why it is important in having a successful year. Have fun! And please do share you it blesses you. I am counting on you to reach several others…
Change is constant and the only thing that will continue to be part of our life. At the same time, we are living in a fast changing world of information and high tech. For anyone to continue to grow and remain relevant in this age, such one must be open to learning. Unfortunately, the generation coming up is anti-learning in nature because of the laziness in putting effort to add to their knowledge. No wonder the low level of value they control and command. This is because the more you know through learning, the more influence you will command over situations, circumstances and people. As a matter of fact, our response to life will always be correlated to our level of knowledge. Simply put, you could only respond to the challenges of 2013 only at the level of your knowledge. If you know more through learning, your impact would have been greater this year. You cannot give what you do not have anyway. This is why the importance for you to give yourself to learning in 2014 cannot be overemphasised if you truly want to succeed.
Learning is one of the most powerful attitudes you can develop. And when you do, it can change your life.Whatever you learn places you above your mate and makes it easier to become successful with life. One of the basic life skills I developed early in life is to learn about everything trending around me, both the ones directly connected to me and those that are not. What may seem irrelevant today and you neglect learning about may become relevant tomorrow and if that happens, you will lose your relevance in that dimension because you refused to learn about it when you had the chance to do so. You can never present yourself in any circle beyond what you know.
I remember my first two years as a student who found himself in a course of study I never knew anything about. The order of the day then was to re-sit for JAMB (University entrance examination for Nigerians) and then switch to another course of study. Because of my curious nature, rather than wasting my time studying for another JAMB, I decided to start learning all that I could about this course. My major objective was to see if I could reach the top of my ambitions if I studied this course. During my process of learning, my eyes opened and my heart was enlightened by the things I discovered. I decided to continue with the course and then looked like a fool to most of my class mates then. The things I learnt in those years helped me to maintain my focus because I was thoroughly informed about where the path I have chosen will lead to even though it seemed less travelled. Today, I am excited I took an informed decision based on knowledge. I wouldn’t say I am now better placed than all of them but I know many of them wished they had the opportunities I’ve had since then. If you know anything about something, it becomes easier to thread on the path that it leads to with focus and assurance that you will not lose your way.
In 2014, you must give yourself to learning new things. Keep up with information, and ensure you are well rounded and versatile. In this age, it is not only your class of degree that matters, (as a matter of fact, it now matters only in rare cases), but also what you have learnt out of the class room. If you are going to be outstanding, not just in 2014 but for the rest of your life, you must be willing to learn something new every day. But if you are going to learn something you, you must be intentional about it.
Here are some things that have helped me become a more intentional learner that has impacted my life positively.
1- You must be of a teachable spirit. If you have a resistant spirit to new trends and knowledge, you will not know when what you need to learn comes across your way.
 2- You must learn to ask question and develop a curious spirit. If you learn to ask good questions, you will be amazed what you will find at the end of the tunnel as you probe into issues.
 3- You must not be afraid to admit what you do not know. By so doing you open yourself to learning about that thing.
 3- You must be open-minded as you can learn something good from almost any body and anything. Do not be afraid to try new things. When you make mistakes, try again.
 4- You have to set a goal to learn something new every week. If you do this, you will learn 52 new things in 2014. That can change your life. Imagine what happens if you double it to two new things a week!
 5- You must identify your learning style and adhere to it. It may not necessarily be the same with your super-achieving sibling.
(Read more about your learning style here: I also recommend for further reading.
Prayer: As you begin to learn, may you grow in wisdom and may that wisdom bring you to favour with God and with men. May your learning be directed by God to the areas where opportunities will open to you come 2014.
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