Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 18: Balance! You need it in life

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 18: Balance! You need it in life

“It is vain for you to rise up early, to take rest late, to eat the bread of [anxious] toil—for He gives [blessings] to His beloved in sleep.” – King David
I had a good time yesterday perusing the article on being generous. I don’t if I have to say that it is one of the most inspiring in this #LAST70DAYSOF2013 series (not to say that others have been as all have actually been. Probably because of my mood on that day I was thinking how best I can pour my life into others). Today, let’s talk about creating a life balance in your daily living. There are many things we can do but we can never be best in everything. So many times we allow several things to weigh us down in our pursuit of success. As a result many things suffer because we did not give the right attention to the right things at the right time in our life. Everything must be in order in our life, if not everything will fall out of place.  
I have seen people who are working in the Kingdom have their health, jobs, families, finances or relationships with important people in their life ruined because they never created a life balance among all these important aspects of their life. Sons have gone through their developmental stages without a father figure because he was either busy with work so he can keep the family bills going. Girls have become women without the touch of ‘motherness’ because mum won’t come home on time or was busy to trying to earn enough to support dad. Birthdays and anniversaries of loved ones came and went without a gift, card or a wish. How can he remember when his attention is totally engulfed by the need to meet up?
They thought they were super-heroes and never knew that there is something called “ELASTIC LIMIT”, of which when you get to, there is nothing else but to “break down”.  One of the things denying many successes is actually their inability to create a life balance. Hence, it does not make sense to rise up early and go to bed late only to reap disaster all around. This is colloquial terms referred to as ‘huzzling’ in some quarters. Some people even end up losing their life in this pursuit.
We want to make the ends (that will never meet) meet so much at the expense of our precious family, health and loved ones. One thing we forget in this life is that someone can work hard so much to acquire all the fame and wealth but have not time to enjoy them because we did not take good care of ‘this one life’ that we have. God has called us to success but if you die today in the pursuit of it, life will still go on (with or without you). Therefore, you must find time to halt for a while, ponder, think, review, retrace and realign yourself. Very importantly, we must understand that it is good who gives grace and shows mercy, and a factor of your strength, swiftness or wisdom. Actually, some people think it is a sin to find time to withdraw from the issues of life and relax for a while. Successful people take time to relax very well. They are not under pressure to make it. They take their time to balance every event and activity.
In 2014, allow God to give your rest from the pressure of winning the rat race that is denying you the time to enjoy the good things of life and the success from your work. If your life remains unbalanced in the coming year, you will not be able to achieve much. You must know what is important at any time and what deserves your total attention and concentration.
To create a balanced lifestyle, these may be of help to you
Review the roles you play in life, for example: husband/wife, father/mother, manager, colleague, team member, sports player, community leader, or friend.
Identify the areas of life that are important to you, for example: artistic expression, positive attitude, career, education, family, friends, financial freedom, physical challenge, pleasure, or public service.
Your own combination of these (or different) things, reflect the things that are your priorities in life.
You just need to be really clear and sometimes painfully honest about what your highest value is, so you can make life-affirming decisions, both big and small, with these values in mind.
Avoid interruptions. Become militant about creating a distraction-free workspace. Close out all unnecessary tabs on your browser, silence your phone, and put your headphones in if it’ll help you work.
Learn the power of saying “no”. You have a busy day ahead of you, and yet you still accepted that conference-call invitation. Sometimes we forget how important it is to say “no” when we’re busy. While it isn’t always possible to turn down every meeting invitation, try your best to make a case when you’re especially busy. For example, you can ask to leave early or have someone share meeting notes with you.
Pray for guidance. What is important to man may not be important to God. To avoid sweating the small stuff, an insight or inspiration from God may be all you need. Do not neglect the place of praying to understand what is important to do at any moment of your life.
Prayer: You will not be weighed down by the issues of life in 2014. God will open your eyes to what is important to Him concerning your life, those things that will bless your life. You will not lose the things that mean most to you in pursuit of success. You will take charge in 2014 in Jesus name, Amen!
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