Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 24: Choose wisely

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 24: Choose wisely

“We are our choices.”  Jean-Paul Sartre
On this Day 24 of #LAST70DAYSOF2013, the question I have for you is how wise are your choices? This question is important because it is our choice that makes us, not us our choice. One of the greatest freedoms of life is that to choose freely and willingly, and yet this is what also makes the power of choice the most fragile and able to ruin a good life is when a choice is wrongly made. In Deuteronomy 30:19, we read that I call heaven and earth to witness this day against you that I have set before you life and death, the blessings and the curses; therefore choose life that you and your descendants may live”. How far you have gone this year can never be divergent to the choices you made on the path down the year. It is true we do NOT always get to choose the things around us but we DO always have the choices about how we want to respond to the things around us. But also realize this that when God gave us the ABILITY to choose, He also gave us the RESPONSIBILITY to make the right choice. Every privilege carried with it a responsibility.
Some of decisions you made this year that turned out badly where depended on the wrong choices made upon uncalculated advice, uncertified conclusions, fear or out of selfish motive. There cannot be personal freedom without choices but yet, we must choose wisely daily. Much more, personal power only comes when we take responsibilities for the choices we make daily. So before you choose her/him, think wisely; before you choose that school, think wisely; before you buy that house, think wisely; before you make that investment, think wisely.
And the bible tells us that the source of all pure wisdom is God and His word. So, there is no other way to choose wisely in the coming year than to always ask God to show you the way before you take any step. God has given each of us the power of choice, but once we have made our choice, we have no power to choose the consequences. That is why we must learn to choose wisely.
Somehow, we all cannot run away all our life from making choices, unless such a person simply wants to exist and live life to its fullness. Every day challenges us with choices to make. The choice to be angry or happy, to rejoice or to live in sadness, to love or to hate, to dream big or to live nominal life, to work hard or to lazy about, to invest or to hold back, to learn new things or to remain at our current level of knowledge, to help someone or to remain selfish, to give to someone or to remain at the receiving end, to live godly or to live our own way, to believe or to doubt, to serve God or not to, and so on….. Each of these has its consequence(s), good or bad, depending on which you choose. Therefore, to maximize each day that comes your way, you must be willing and able to choose wisely, those things that promote love and kindness among men and peace and joy inside of you and ultimately glory to God. Any other choice outside this will bring you sown at the long run.
Interestingly, nothing describes your character more than the choices you make. In fact, your choices are determined by your character. In the end, you will not be judged by what you have claimed to be or even appeared to be but what your choices have proven you to be. It takes character to make the right choices when the wrong choices are more convenient. It takes character to make the right choices when the wrong choices are more popular. It takes character to make the right choices when the wrong choices are more prosperous. It takes character to make the right choices when the wrong choices are more enjoyable.
People can easily classify the kind of person you are by observing the kind of choices you make daily. Sometimes when I hear people complain about how bad or tough things have been, what first comes to my mind is “what choices have they made in the past that led them to the point where they are at the moment?” You cannot make a wrong business choice and expect a right outcome, make a wrong choice of a life partner and expect heaven on earth in your home or refuse not to read and prepare for an examination and expect to excel in it.
Your success in 2014 will depend largely on the choices you will make. In praying for a successful 2014, you can make wise choices following these steps among other things
Ask God for wisdom: He promises to give wisdom to those who ask in faith – Jm 1:58. Asking for wisdom 
requires diligence – Pr 2:1-9. Fill your prayers with requests for wisdom to make wise choices! 
Ask others (who are wise and Godfearing) for advice: There is safety in having many counselors – 
Pr 11:14.There is wisdom in heeding the counsel of others – Pr 12:15. Two great sources for counsel: The Bible
 itself, especially a book like Proverbs and Older, mature Christians. Don’t hesitate to ask others what they would do! 
Commit your choices to God: Trusting that you have made choices pleasing to Him, put them in His
hands – Ps 37:5-6, 23-26. Make your choices with the understanding, “if the Lord wills”- Jm 4:1315. One might even ask the Lord that 
if a choice is not according to His will…         
a. He might frustrate the carrying out of the choice         
b. Or to otherwise show you what is His willInclude God in your decision making, if you wish to make wise choice.
Prayer: May God inspires you to make wise choices that will transform your life and destiny in 2014
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Photo credit: Maria More and Jay’s blog

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