Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 32: Develop passion to pursue your life plan

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 32: Develop passion to pursue your life plan

“A life plan is worthless without the passion to follow it through” – Apeh Omede
Yesterday I introduced a powerful topic in the #LAST70DAYSOF2013 series on “developing a life plan”. I believe you were blessed. If you have not read it, today’s edition may not make sense to you, so I will encourage you to read that first and come back to this. This is because today, I am taking the discourse on life plan a step further and I want to discuss “developing passion to pursue your life plan. Once you have your life plan completed, you must develop a regular pattern to keep the fire of the plan going on. This is important because, definitely, your plan will encounter challenges and oppositions. Do not think that all the great dreams and vision mapped out on your life plan will just happen without any obstacle giving them a go. Therefore, to keep the enthusiasm of your life plan going, you need to develop a passion to pursue your life plan to bring everything you desire in it come to fruition.
This is what makes a difference between people who believe in creating a life plan and those who thing it is a waste of time because their plans never come to pass. The truth is that some people receive a plan and they go to work with it, while others receive a plan and then go to sleep. Which one of those are you? How do you respond to the issue of plans in your life? Do you plan and then lock up your plans under a cupboard and think that in the next six months when you remember it and the pull it out that you will see a new car parked in front of your house? Do you think you will be looking at your wedding picture? Do you think you will be lying in your bedroom as a home owner or still a tenant? Do you think you will be walking down to the bank with millions? Do you think you will be casting out demons and raising the dead?
To be honest, in the fast pace of the modern business world that we live in, it is easy to lose your way and become inactive rather than proactive about your life plan. When this happens, items listed on your life plan will begin to fall through the cracks. You end up embarrassed because perhaps you have shouted on roof tops about how great your life is going to be in the two years to friends and family. Worse, you may become frustrated with life and the things and people around you. And you may also end up a long way from where you stated in your Life Plan.
To avoid this problem, you need to develop passion to continually pursue your life plan. Developing passion to pursue your life plan is an opportunity to keep the fire burning in your life plan above the storms and the oppositions that you may encounter on your journey towards achieving the goals set up in your life plan. What do you do when your plans seem not to be working out fine? Do you give up or find a way to rekindle the fire as at the beginning?
Passion is the force that makes you come back to that thing that seems dead and gives you the courage to revive it. Passion to pursue your life plan can wake you up early in the morning before any other person and keep you awake till late into the night after everybody because you have work to do and deadlines to meet.
A few things you can do to develop passion for your life plan and keep the passion burning are highlighted below:
– Review your life plan regularly: The beauty of your dreams is that they can awaken the drive in you to follow after them. When you remember you have a task to do and miles to cover after reviewing how you have progressed with your plans can trigger you to action. Reviewing your life plan makes you true to your dreams and reveals to you what you are doing well and what you are not doing well. By so doing you will be able to discover what to do to get things right and going.
– Read other people’s success stories: Though you may not have the same circumstance like other people, and you do not need to compare your life plan with that of others, knowing that people had faced similar challenges and still succeeded will help to keep your passion alive. You will be like “if he made it in this situation, then I can make it too.”
– Act on your life plan daily:  Take responsibility daily. The only bad hand you been dealt in life was dealt by you. Do not do things haphazardly any more. Be serious with every day and every minute that God brings your way. Any moment of your life you do not use judicious can never be recovered in your life time. Your life plan needs you to invest actions into your time everyday for it to be achieved. If your life plan is worth giving attention, then it is worth giving a good attention and that with all your might.
– Finally, avoid negative people: Negative people will poison your heart with their negative mentality and end up quenching the fire of your passion. If you want to keep your for passion flaming for your life plan, you must consciously stay away from negative people and then antics. They have a way of thinking that you are going too far in the pursuit of your plans and would give you reasons why you should settle for less. If you continue to listen to such people, I can assure you that nothing good will come out of your life plan. Rather, feed your passion by surrounding yourself with others who already have and share your zeal.
Prayer: May God give you the zeal for your future, the grace and mental focus to plan towards achieving your life plan with passion in Jesus name, Amen.

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