Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 33: Develop focus to eliminate distractions

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 33: Develop focus to eliminate distractions

Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets.” ~ Nido Qubein
Okay, Day 33 of #LAST70DAYSOF2013 is here and I will keep this very short and straight to the point today. However, it is important to know that as you progress towards achieving your life plan, whether for the rest of your life or just for the year 2014, you will definitely encounter some distractions. Some of these distractions will come in form of other people who seem to be having their life plans achieved faster than yours. Others may come in form of people who seem to have better dreams than yours. Other distractions may still come on form of not being to achieve your life plan as fast as you thought you would. But in the midst of all these, you must do your best to maintain focus if you must eliminate those distractions. Failure to do so will make it more difficult to reach your goal in time, if you will ever reach them at all.
Everyone and everything in your life is competing for your most prized possession…your attention, or rather, your focused attention. Let’s imagine you are driving in a can on a very high speed. Your goal is to get to your destination within record time. As you were driving you kept your eyes ahead of you, looking forward to the direction of where you are driving to. And then at a point, you decided to look to your right? What do you think will happen?
Your driving accuracy will be reduced.
Your speed will be reduced.
Your attention will be divided because you will definitely see something when you turn.
You may likely hit or be hit by another car if you turn away too long.
This is what happens with your life when you do not maintain focus until you arrive at your destination. Many people start off very well with clear dreams and expectations on the journey of life but do not get to their dreams (even though they are beautifully written) because they lost their focus and got distracted. I cannot imagine where any person, a group of people, organisation or nation will be if for each of these, there is no clear cut focus towards a certain and specific goal. When you do not maintain focus, everything becomes a target and when everything is a target, nothing is finally hit by the bullet. What you choose to focus your mind on is critical because you will become what you think about most of the time. Implying that the more you focus on your life plan the more your life becomes as you have planned.
If you lose your focus, you will not be able to accurately decipher what are the basic steps you need to take to get to where you are going in life. Distraction will reduce your speed and then extend the time it would take you to get to your goal in life. When you lose focus from your life plan, definitely attention span on what you are meant to do will reduce and the longer the lost of focus, the more the diverted attention and the longer the diverted attention, the farther you get away from achieving your life plan. If you ever succeed outside the right focus, you may succeed in the wrong way on the wrong goal in life, which you may end up regretting at the long run.
Your attention is a supremely powerful force, and like the sun it can be either diffuse and divided amongst many different objects, or funneled into a focused laser-beam of light that has the power to burn whatever it touches. If you really want to eliminate distractions from your life plan, you need to be focused in all you are doing. Focus helps you to concentrate on the things that really matter in your life, while those things that do not matter at the moment can be attended to on a later convenient time.
So developing focus will involve the following steps…..
1. Select your one task
2. Put all your attention to that one task
3. Stay with this task if possible uninterrupted, until it is finished (!)
4. Focus with intensity on your task, dive totally into it and become one with it
5. Do it for a reasonable period of time, at least 1 hour, better more
6. Avoid any distractions by creating the necessary environment
Prayer: May God take you away from any distraction from your future, give you the mental focus to plan towards achieving your life plan with passion in Jesus name, Amen.

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Photo credits: Pixelmator and Morgan McKinley

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