Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 34: Develop networks for net-worth

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 34: Develop networks for net-worth

“Now therefore go to, proclaim in the ears of the people, saying, whosoever is fearful and afraid, let him return and depart early from mount Gilead. And there returned of the people twenty and two thousand; and there remained ten thousand” Judges 7:3
Today’s edition of #LAST70DAYSOF2013 is on networking with the right people in your life. Every day when you go out from your house, you meet people. Some of those men and women have been ordained to build you up, and help you to achieve your God-ordained life plan and purpose. Many of them are out there to ruin your destiny. Therefore, in relating with people you must learn to be very objective in nature to identify these groups of people when you come across them and put them in their proper place in your life. This is because your networks must be your net-worth if you want to achieve your life plan even if it is just for 2014 or for life. Secondly, you do not need everyone to be on your side to make it in terms of succeeding in life or achieving your life plan. It is therefore, your responsibility to identify those who you need and work with them. This concept is clearly illustrated in the Bible.Here are some lessons you will need to develop worthy networks as you work towards achieving your dream and life plan…
Looking at the Gideon story, you will understand that God knows there is power in association. He knows the contagious nature of the spirit that people carry. Whenever He calls a man and gives him an assignment, He also gives him men to work with, but not any kind of men. He ensures that the right people are in your life to help you achieve that for which He had sent you. If God is so mindful, how much more you and I who are mere mortals? Anyone who is fearful (does not have your kind of conviction and does not believe it is possible for you to achieve your dream and life plan) should to be given early exit so they don’t demoralize others who believe in you and your conviction. No matter who they are, this is not time for any form of compromise because it is your life and destiny that is at stake. This is because fear is contagious and so is courage as well. Before you plunge yourself headlong into any relationship or association that has to do with your life plan, you need to find out what is the dominant culture or spirit in it. Your association will either help you upward in life or bring you backward.
Again, it is important to know that succeeding in life is not necessarily in number, victory and success in life is in right company. You do not need a crowd to succeed; you only need people with your kind of mindset. People who understand you even before you open your mouth to talk to them about your dreams and vision. Whether large or small, the determinant factor for victory is to be in the right company always. You do not need men lacking in conviction. If you have a purpose you need men of conviction to help you execute it. You need people who are willing to make sacrifices to see God’s mandate over your life come to pass even as you do same to them as well because they need you too). You do not need men who lack of discipline. Such people hardly make a winning team.
You also have to note that destiny separates people into where they belong to in life. If you carry God’s mandate over your life it will definitely separate you from some people; and at the same time it will connect you to some other people. Sentiments cannot go hand in hand with the pursuit of destiny. Natural affinities are good to the extent that they help you to fulfill what God expects of you. In God’s mercy and grace He can arrange a new “family” for you that is compatible with His goals for your life.
It is therefore important that before we take people into close proximity in our life, we conduct basic tests like the ones God did for Gideon’s men. Two things in the test to look out for when attempting to develop your net-worth are these. Firstly, God examined the kind of spirit they carried. Secondly, God tested their character. You need to carry out similar tests before you let people take major role in your life and mission.
Simply put, not everybody has equal weight and importance in the fulfillment of your destiny. You will do well if you give the greater attention to people whose contribution to your destiny is heavier. People are either in your life to add to it or to remove from it and pull down your destiny. It is your choice to make.
Prayer: May God bring the right men and women into your life and shield you from the evil ones who are meant for your downfall. May His spirit reveal such men to you in 2014 in Jesus name, Amen.
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