Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 36: Develop commitment for your life plan

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 36: Develop commitment for your life plan

“There is no abiding success without commitment” – Anthony Robbins
Here is Day 36 of #LAST70DAYSOF2013. It is on commitment. God will not give more to your life if you cannot be faithfully committed t to the little He has given to you already. God needs to see how committed with your time, mental resources, material resources, social resources, and finances on your life plan first, then He can take you to the next level. Commitment is the foundation for moving to the next level in life and the lack of it is the bane of every downfall in every relationship, family, finances and organisations.
Commitment is what many people do not want to do, especially when it comes to other people’s things. People are afraid to be committed to anything. But when it comes to your life, I do not think that you have any other option than to be committed to your life and the plan that God has for you. All I want to do today is to show you how important it is for you to adopt a commitment spirit to life in the coming year because if you do not find something to be committed to, it is likely your days will be used less, or useless. And you also need to know that the level of commitment you will enjoy from others in your life is to the degree to which they see you being committed to your life. No one wants to give you what you do not want for yourself or be committed to your life more than YOU.
So, the coming year is the year that you should make up your mind to do away with every form of laxity and careless or care-free attitude where nothing moves you (not in the sense of not being afraid).
Commitment is simply a dedication to a particular cause (which in this case is your life plan), belief, or organisation and a willingness to get involved. People who are committed to a cause or believe truly believe that it is important, and they show up, follow through, and stick with it. Commitment is that tough skin that never gives up when others are tired and giving up on their dreams. You truly need it. The more you are committed to your life plan, the greater the momentum you can generate to get the job done. People who are committed are the ones who don’t take discouragement seriously — they don’t give up. They set an example for those who don’t have the confidence or experience to go through the hard times and hold out for the rewards of success.
How do you then build commitment to your life plan?
1. There can only be commitment when there is sense of belonging: That vision to be great that God has shown to you or laid in your heart should become possessive to you. See it as your person gift. Do not see it as if God is trying to impose something on you. See it that you are the one trying to tell God this is what you want. When people develop sense of belonging it becomes easy for them to become committed to the cause.
2. There can only be commitment when there is a sense of duty: A sense of duty says “it is my responsibility to get the job done and if I do not do it, it will not be done.” With this kind of mindset, it is as if you are the only one alive. You feel that if whatever is committed to you is not done, then it will never be done. That way, it becomes easier to confront your goals and see to it that what is to be done is done and that at the right time. You need to know that you hold yourself a duty to succeed in this life.
3. There is no commitment until you are open and clear about your mission and goals for the year:You have to know what you are really committing to. You must understand first why it is important for you to succeed. You need to know how life would be different for you and for people around you, especially those who look up to you if you succeed. You must make sure that everyone you are constantly familiar with your mission, principles, and goals.
4. There is no commitment until you pick the right level of challenge for your life plan: You need to feel successful and also need to stretch your abilities. Both are important. When you are first stepping out of your comfort zone, try to match yourself with activities or goals in which you think you can achieve some success. This will help you to feel good about yourself and will encourage you to stay on your vision and life plan. As you get things done and gain more confidence in your goals and targets, you can gradually increase your challenges. Sometimes you will need encouragement to try things they have never before considered. Any new success level achieved does that for you.
5. Celebrate: Committing to your goals is a big deal. Once you have committed to a goal, you worked towards it and achieved success in it, do not forget to celebrate. Then, congratulate yourself for doing so. So what do you say, you only have one life to live so it might as well be a life you love!
Unless commitments are made, there are only promises and hopes…….but no plans. Commit to your life plan today and see success in 2014.
Prayer: Your hands and heart will not grow weary in 2014 and throughout the rest of your life. You will not be discouraged and your commitment to success and excellence will not go down in Jesus name, Amen.
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