Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 37: Develop consistency in following your life plan

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 37: Develop consistency in following your life plan

“No man, having put his hand to the plough, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.” Jesus, the Christ
When you say you will do something, do you go on to do it? When you begin to do that which you said you will do, do you continue in it until the goal is achieved? We had earlier discussed adhering to a consistent lifestyle on day 4 of this series (see my Facebook notes or go to Here today, we will attempt to look at the same subject in relation to your life plan. It is important to point out that success does not come by a hit and run attitude. It comes by a consistent hitting until you arrive at your goal.
I want you to imagine in your mind, a man who wants to break down a huge rock, occupying a space he intended to make use of for a little construction. He needs to break down the rock before he can go on with the construction. He goes and picks a mallet. He strikes the first blow on the rock and it was as if nothing happened. Then the second, third and fourth, yet there was no sign of a crack on the rock. He did not give up. He knew he needed to move the rock out of the way for him to have that construction in place. He never considered the pain of lifting the mallet and the energy put into every strike. He just focused on his goal – to break the rock and kept at it. Until the last strike that brought the rock to its knees. Which of the strikes did you think resulted to breaking the rock? Was it the first, the second or the ninety-ninth strike? No, it was not the first, the third nor the last strike that gave him the result. It was a combination of all the strikes he consistently took that shattered the rock.
This should be the exact disposition you should adopt in pursuit of the goals listed in your life plan. Some of them will happen after the first strike, but also note that so many of them will require more than a single strike of the hammer for you to break through them. That is why you need to develop an attitude of consistency in following your life plan. I remember I always included studying abroad as one of my goals in my life plan every year. Each year, I will prepare myself, improve on my credentials, experience and CV and apply with the hope to be offered a position, yet it was not coming. I kept trying every other year. “At a point, one of my friends made a mocking statement at me. He said, Apeh, what are you still doing in this country? With all these applications you file every year, you should be abroad by now”. That guy knows about my regular applications, but he does not know or understand the principle behind it. Well, I continued applying and you know what? When I finally shattered the rock, I had two offers to choose from and the rest is story today. Yes, I had prepared and built myself over the years, but the most important point in this story is that I never stopped applying. I was consistent in following that goal in my life plan. And I am grateful I adopted a consistent spirit toward my life plan. The same story goes with several other aspects of my life.
So let me ask you; how many times have you given up on consistency? How many times have you started out on a goal, a dream or a vision and stopped half-way? How many times have you given up on a project you invested so much in because it didn’t return any profit at your own expected time? How many times have you gone back on your words to yourself and to people around you? Consistency is a habit that you must build until it becomes your character and lifestyle, until people around you begin to know you by your consistent personality. A habit of consistency will take you further than your desires. Cultivate the habit of doing successful activities, and you will have a successful life. This is one of those successful habits that separate the successful from the unsuccessful, and it’s usually just a handful of habits over the course of many years that separates the victors from the victims.
Whether we do something or nothing with our time, time is going to pass. It only makes sense to be consistent while it’s passing; this way you will have something valuable to show for the passing of your time. Can you imagine what you could accomplish in the next 12 months with consistency in the business, job or relationship? A little everyday will eventually equal success.
So to develop consistency in following your life plan for 2014, here is the list of a few things you must keep in mind every day.
Discipline yourself to continue: Think of ways to ensure you do not give up whatever worthy course you start without finishing it
│Be patient with yourself and other people: Destroy the mindset that every rock you hit will shatter with the first strike. It is a fallacy. Success does not come that way, so be patient with yourself. Give yourself time and time and time until you get the job done.
Take actions on stuffs that matter daily: Make most use of your day by making sure you spend your time every day on achieving the little stuffs that matter most in terms of your life plan. Do not waste time on frivolities or things and people that do not add to your life plan
│Maintain your focus: It is that simple. Let your eye continuously be single. Keep your focus on the goal. Do not be distracted by people or things.
Prayer: You will be stable in your ideas, thoughts, ways and actions in 2014. You will not stagger in your strength.May God make your hand strong on the plough of your destiny. You will be firm as you approach your God-given dreams and vision in 2014. Amen!
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