Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 39: Develop prayer power to back up your life plan

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 39: Develop prayer power to back up your life plan

But this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting”. Jesus, the Christ.
By this time tomorrow, we will be in the first day of the last month of the year and that will mean that we have 30 days left to finish this series, end 2013 and enter 2014. So now, to those friends of mine who didn’t think that 2013 has been a good year even when they had created a very well thought out life plan, I believe today’s article will give an insight into why that may have been the case, among other things. We have been discussing life plan and today we continue with it as we look at one very important point about life plan. This will bless you. Read on!
Now if all the points I made in the past did not make sense to you, this is one that you must take serious. If you take all the previous keys and put them to work and neglect this particular point, then I can assure that everything you plan for will come crashing down. You cannot do without this point…..and that is prayer power. You cannot make anything move without prayer. You cannot make anything happen without prayer. Everything other thing we have shared here MUST be followed up by a commitment to prayer if you want to truly see them come to pass. Prayer is putting all that concerns you into the hand of God, as you take daily steps toward achieving your daily goals.
It is one thing to plan, but it is another to pray about your plans. And it will interest you to know that this one part of the whole process that most people do not like because it is a difficult task. No matter what, if there is anything you have to take lightly about your life plan, whether for 2014 or for the rest of your life, it should never be praying over your life plan and committing your goals, dreams and visions to God. There is little you can do on your own, but there is no stopping you when you have a supernatural backing from heaven on your life plan. When you have such backing, no man, no spirit, no principality anywhere can hold you back.
When things begin to fall apart in your life plan, the only solution would be to activate your prayer power. That is the only way out in such situation. One of the wisdom we learn from the life of Jesus, the Christ is how He valued prayer in His life plan. We learned that before He ventured into His life plan, He went on to the mountain alone to pray. Before He chose His twelve men, He did same. When He was at the verge of the greatest battle against His life plan at the garden of Gethsemane, He prayed and that was how He overcame the trials and the obstacles facing Him at that moment of fulfilling destiny.
There is little you can achieve in life without a consistent prayer power to garner the support of divine heavenly forces behind your life. There is hardly a successful person without a secret supernatural force behind them. You too will need same. There are so many things you cannot achieve when your life is void of prayer power. That is why this is coming your way today. I can assure you that if you can devote your time to prayer much more than you did in this year, you will experience a leap in your life in a positive direction.
When you pray, you get your life plan aligned with God’s will for you. When you pray, you receive clarity about your life purpose and vision. When you pray, you become lighter in your spirit to soar above all physical situations. When you pray, you secure the support of heaven for your plans and projects. When you pray, you identify and overcome the wiles and weapons of the enemy against your life plan. When you pray, the unexpected happens for your good.
So tomorrow is a new day. It is the beginning of the last month in this year. You may decide to dedicate the remaining 30 days of the year to consistent daily prayer and all you will do is to commit all that you have written down for 2014 (and probably for the rest of your life) to God asking for His backing, support and provision for the coming year. Your future lies here before you today. Whatever you decide to do with prayer will determine what level you will see yourself by this time in 2014. I am sure by then, you will remember this piece and you will be grateful you read and acted on it.
I do not want to keep this too long. I just want to encourage you today to consider adding serious and wholehearted prayer time in your daily plan beginning from the next time you wake up. Do not let any day pass by without taking command over your life plan in 2014. I will see you at the top.
Prayer: May God cause you to desire to raise a daily altar for your life plan as you approach your God-given dreams and vision in 2014. Amen!
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