Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 41: Enjoy every day of your life

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 41: Enjoy every day of your life

“This is the day which the Lord has brought about; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalm 118: 24
Today is Day 41 of our series, #LAST70DAYSOF2013. I believe we have dealt well with the issue of having a life plan and living out your life plan in the past 10 days. Our series continues today with a new look to how you could end this year and so enter 2014 with more vigour and energy to take over your possessions and all that God has ordained for you. I want to also sincerely appreciate all those whose feedbacks to this series have re-invigorated this idea daily. It is to you all that this project is dedicated to knowing that someone is blessed daily by this piece, Just keep having a date with this series and I am sure you will not end this year the same.
So, I have heard several people tell me or say to someone else that they “woke up from the wrong side of the bed” at some times. Have you found yourself on a moody day and as you step out, you noticed every one asking you the same question? So these people (woke always wake up on the wrong side of the bed) begin some of their days as if those days were made to make look like they had quarrels with someone before waking up. And for that, there is no reason for them to feel good about the day and enjoy it. But let me ask, if you wake up any day and feel it is a bad day for you, do you think you will achieve anything good on that day? Gordon B. Hinckley once said “in all of living, have much fun and laughter. Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.” 
Dear friend, nothing in this life has the right to deny you the privilege of enjoying your life daily. This is because the Lord, your God has commanded that you should rejoice daily for everyday you have the opportunity to see is created by Him for you. You may wake up to bad news, you may sleep to stop worrying about a thing and wake up to it but those are not enough to stop you from being full of joy for each day God gives to you. You must learn to wake up every day and no matter what is the situation, you still turn to God and yourself, and declare “today is my day of joy and I will not give in to anything else. I will have my life lived to its fullness and give same joy to all around me.” You must learn to make every day of your life the best day of your life. I am not trying to sound psychological. But if you think otherwise and feel what I am communicating is not important, watch as your life goes down from time to time if you do not decide this day to enjoy every day of your life from today. I am sounding so because I know it is God’s desired kind of life for you, nothing less than that.
It is worthy to note that the attitude you choose to start with will generally determine the quality of your day. If you decide to harbor a poor, discouraged outlook, chances are you will find neither recourse nor upswing throughout the day. However, if you elect a positive stance at the break of each new morning, more often than not a good day will transpire. This is it is important you choose to enjoy your life every day…. no matter what happens.
So let me share with you some simply ways to enjoy your life every day without fretting:
Wake up every day with prayer and a grateful heart: When you begin your day in prayer, with rejoicing and thankfulness, and trust in the Lord with all your heart, this opens opportunities for Him to move and work on your behalf. Inwardly, God’s peace will permeate your heart and mind and outwardly, He begins to work on the circumstances that you have entrusted to Him.
Hold on to God’s promises: You may not wake up with a bright shining light on your face but you can be assured that you are not denied of God’s good promises. It may not look like it in the morning but if you believe it daily, you will see it every day in the course of your day’s activities, how He will arrange all things to work in your favour. The knowing that God has good things in place for you is good enough to make you live life at its fullest because nothing should mean more to you than the hope you have in His sure promises. Remember, God is not a man that He should lie.
Learn to laugh: Laughter is the healer of all ills. Even the scripture says so. Smiling is the balm that soothes and settles. Both are the medicine that sustains a life of joy. Laugh in the face of problems. Laugh in the path of insurmountable odds. Guffaw in the depths of the valleys, and celebrate with wide beams of sunshine streaming from your mouth when standing on the mountaintops. No matter what is the situation, my dear, just laugh at it!
Surround yourself with winners: I don’t keep the company of losers. If you want to win in life, then you need to build around you a company of winners – in your field of endeavour and then others who are winners in their respective fields. Winners commit winning acts. Winners speak winning words. Winners have winning ways. Winners sometimes lose, but don’t stay down. They get up, dust themselves off and go again. Fill your world with winning books. Watch winning movies. Listen to winning speakers, but most of all associate with winners. True winners won’t compete with you – but will join your cheer squad – cheering you on in your winning pursuit.
Do not wait for better days: Some people wait for better days when everything will become smooth and in so doing miss the little good things of the moment that can give them the joy the need. Some wait till they make enough money for a vacation to Honolulu when they can go across a beach and relax under the sooting sun. Some want to build a mansion, while the little interior life charging decoration can bring them a serene and peaceful home. Others are waiting until they are married and yet miss the life changing little friendships around them. Others wait forever and never get to this point. Do not wait for better days. Today is your better day. Enjoy it.
Get comfortable with yourself: No amount of anything, be it money or otherwise, will make you happy if you are unhappy with yourself. Love yourself. Be yourself. Enjoy yourself. Do not depend on other people’s prerogative to live a life that is full of God’s abundant love.
Prayer: Nothing will steal away your joy or deny you the goodness of life as you approach your God-given dreams and vision in 2014 in Jesus name, Amen!
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