Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 42: Enrich your mind with good things

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 42: Enrich your mind with good things

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom…” Paul, the Apostle
Yesterday we talked about enjoying your life every day. One of the things that affect your ability to enjoy your life every day is the state of your mind. That is why, today, we will discuss enriching your mind with good things. This is very important to be considered as we approach the end of the year, with 2014 almost here with us. You can lose anything but do not lose your mind to anything. This is one thing you must have at the back of your mind if you want to see tangible success in the coming year. You will face ups and down but no matter what, never lose your mind. Your mind is one of your greatest assets. It is the domain of your personality. It is the force that emanates from your mind that produces your thoughts and consequently your feelings and actions and then ultimately your experience. If you lose your mind, you will lose direction in life. And one sure way to keep your mind safe is to be careful of what you feed to it. The coming is one that you must find opportunities to enrich your mind with good things.
Your mind responds to things and situation at the level to which it is informed and dependent on the kind of information it has been fed with. It is with your mind you feel all the emotions and desires you experience daily. The power to will and decide is domiciled in the mind. It is in your mind that the mechanisms to appreciate or despise, love or hate are all operated. Your dreams and visions are first of all crafted in your mind before they are manifested in your hands. Interestingly, God cannot do anything for you unless it has been first conceived in your mind.  So imagine that all you conceive in your mind are negative, never going to work, always unfortunate thoughts and things? Those are definitely what you will receive. This is why it is important you enrich your mind with good things only.
Because your mind is like a conduit pipe, it is what you feed to it in the inside that it produces on the outside. Maybe a better analogy will be to say that your mind is like a virgin land, it is what you plant on it that you will reap. It does not have the power of its own to act without the consent you give to it. So, what do you feed your mind? Do you know that if you feed your mind with negative things; that is what you will gain?
God’s word to us is to let the mind which was in Christ to be in us. This is because the most beautiful mind, so enriched with goodness that anyone can ever imagine is the mind of Christ. You can see the state of His mind from His outlook on life and how He treated people and all situations. It was told that from His childhood He gave Himself to mingling with lawyers and doctors and the highly educated in His society in His days, learning all He could from them. In those early days, He was enriching His mind for a better future.
Therefore, here, I will share with you how to enrich your mind with good things so you can use your mind for good both to you and humanity.
Fill your mind with God’s word: Our quote for the day encourages us to let the word of Christ dwell richly in us in all wisdom. This is not just a mere saying. It is so important because all good things of life you will ever desire can be found in the words of Christ. Make the word of God your companion. In His word, you find peace, love and life. The greatest of all things good are found nowhere else but therein. You must enrich your mind with God’s word if you must experience a better life.
Read great and good books and articles: There are people out there blessed with great inspiration about life. These people have put together several good thoughts about success, excellence, love, passion, leadership, relationship, financial success, etc that can inspire and motivate you to take positive actions about your life. There are so many of them that I cannot mention here (I may suggest some to you if you contact me on a personal note).
Learn good attitudes and lifestyles: You can enrich your mind with good attitudes and lifestyles. When you comport yourself in a friendly manner and adhere to a lifestyle of peace, joy, love and happiness, your mind would have no option than to produce goodness for you and the people around you. The simple acts of smiles, saying thank you, striving to be at peace with other people, loving others irrespective of who they are and helping people in need can give your mind a disposition that is so positive and that money cannot buy.
Join the league of the wise: Most of the things that will transform your life are already deposited in the minds of the wise. There are many of them around you. You can identify them by the way to conduct themselves and the kinds of things they do and say. One way to easily find them is that when they speak, people listen to them. When they give counsel, it is accepted and produces results. They are not loud like sounding cymbals. They may be very quiet and easy going. But inside of them is a deposit of wisdom. If you identify such people, join yourself with them, become their friend and spend time with them and your mind will be full of wisdom for life.Last 
I want to conclude today’s edition by saying that the word “enrich” simply means to “make better or improve in quality.” The quality of your mind determines the quality of life you will experience. Do not go into 2014 with the level of quality of mind you have at the moment. Improve on it today.
Prayer: May your mind be full of all things that are good, honest, just, pure, lovely, virtuous and of good report. As you approach your God-given dreams and vision in 2014, your mind will not be idle but full of good and godly ideas in Jesus name, Amen!
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 Photo credit: The HappySelf and TravelManitoba

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