Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 50: Enhance your opportunities

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 50: Enhance your opportunities

 “Opportunity does not knock, it presents itself when you beat down the door.” Kyle Chandler 

Hello friend, I am so excited! Can you imagine that we are already 50 days down in the #LAST70DAYSOF2013 series and only left with 20 days to say goodbye to 2013?  I want to see that this is the best way I have ever had to end a year. Serious transformation has occurred in my mind and consequently in my life as well. I can see 2014 clearly. It is coming, and with it lots of opportunities for you and I. I am ready. Are you ready? So today, we will take this series a step further with a piece on how to make sure you are ready for this rare opportunities 2014 will bring. One of such ways to get ready is to enhance your opportunities. When people complain they never had any opportunity in life, I asked how have you prepared for the opportunities? What have you done to enhance your chances of catching in opportunities in the past twelve months? Opportunities actually do not come only once like people say (this is big time fallacy), opportunity actually comes daily but to those who enhance their chances for it.

Every day, we meet with opportunities for a successful and better life but in most of those cases, we may not necessarily be in the position to maximize those opportunities. Sometimes we want to move from our present level to the next one but we cannot because every new level comes as an opportunity which usually demands who than our present capacity to catch into it.

You may remember the popular quote which says that “opportunity is hard work met with preparedness.” That is to say that every time you think you just you just got an opportunity, it means you have simply worked hard and prepared yourself for it. But sometimes, the hard work and preparation may not be enough for the new level. Remember also that we are living in a fast changing world and the criteria for judging competence, effectiveness and efficiency has far moved from intelligent quotient to include things like life skills capacity and emotional intelligence, amongst some others, which many people today are not aware of. I always talk to my students and team members, do not just dwell on coming first in class, try to ensure that you can make people around you laugh and feel like family.

So, you see, if you truly want to remain relevant in your field and see that no opportunity misses you (or you do not miss all the opportunities that will come your way) in 2014, then you must therefore learn to and find means to enhance your opportunities. I remember when I first started desiring for study abroad. I was so enthusiastic about it like so many of us are doing now about the opportunities we dream of for 2014. But one thing I needed to do was to enhance my chances. How did I know that? I knew because I applied several times, thinking I was ready. But the results will return negative. I did not break down. I did not give up. What I did was to study those who have been succeeding in getting opportunities to study abroad. When I applied some of the principles I am sharing here with you, I ended up getting choices to choose from as to where I’d love to study abroad. I was hardworking and really prepared but these enhanced my opportunities and I want to share them with you.
Here they are!
1- Take trainings on some new skills in areas of interest like language, public speaking, photography, canvass painting, piano or guitar lessons, social media, etc. This is an indication of how versatile you can be with any offer made to you. People want to be sure that you have the capacity to approach an idea or a challenge from many dimensions.
2- Attend workshops and seminars. Forget about the cost, the benefits tomorrow will outweigh that. What you learned from these may be the answer to the next question that will give you the job at your next interview.
3- Join professional bodies in your field. This gives you opportunities to meet with ‘who is who in your area. These people will likely recommend you only when they know you. But do not just join. Be actively involved in their activities and events.
4- Go to where the opportunities are. Do not wait at home. Nothing will come to you in your bedroom or sitting room. You must go out and talk to people about what you can do.
5- Have a business card that introduces you and what you do or can do and share as you go. This will help people to remember you and be able to reach you when they need you….and you never can tell what hands the card will land on or what eyes that will find it.
6- And I must tell you, pray! Pray for the opportunities that are right for you will come your way, when you have done all that is required of you to enhance your chance to maximise the opportunities.
Prayer: You will not miss any God-ordained opportunity in 2014. As you prepare and work hard, God will make your dreams happen in Jesus name, Amen!
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