Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 51: Fine-tune your skills regularly

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 51: Fine-tune your skills regularly

“A winner is someone who recognises his God-given talents, works his tail off to develop them into skills and uses these skills to accomplish his goals.” Larry Bird
As we delve into Day 51 today of #LAST70DAYSOF2013, I’d like us to start with a review of the following key words in today’s topic. These words are ‘fine-tune’ and ‘skills’. Maybe you have not taken time to look them up but you will be amazed by their meanings. Here we go!
Fine-tune: To make minor adjustments in so as to produce stability, improvement or the precise results desired; to improve or perfect by pruning or polishing
Skill: The ability, coming from one’s knowledge, practice, aptitude, training, etc, to do something well; competence, excellence in performance, expertness, dexterity.
Do they make meaning to you in any way? Can you identify yourself with those words? Do they have any effect on your perception? I guess they should. Yesterday, we discussed how to enhance your opportunities. I simply our discussion for today as an extension of that as the issue of fine-tuning your skills goes hand-in-hand with the level of opportunities you will enjoy in life.
You see, remaining relevant in life comes with a great price. It is not easily bought. We hear of people who are making impact today in their individual fields, and tomorrow no one remembers them. Sometimes we also hear of people making impact at a lower level but they continue to make impact, remain impactful until they are gone and we still remember them. I can confidently point one thing that makes the difference between these two classes of people and that one point is the attention they give to their skills.
We may possess passion for success but only passion may not bring us success. Passion for success should rather push us to improve on our skills daily. Why do you hear people and organisations that are continuously successful talk about training and re-training? It is because they know that is the secret to remaining relevant in their business. This principle is enshrined in the life of Jesus Christ. We learnt that from His lifestyle that He was always setting Himself apart time after time to pray and build up His spirit and power. I can bet that this was one His secret to remaining relevant.
So, for anyone who will complain about how bad 2013 has been, my question to such is this: How many times did such person take up a refresher course in his/her area since the beginning of this year that is coming to an end? How many times did you go back to look at what you have been doing just to see if there areas of it that you need to improve on. One thing that is unknown to many of us is that some people we started life with are constantly updating their skills, so we need not to complain when we look up and see how far they have gone ahead of us.
If you go back to the definition of skill again, you will notice that skill is acquired through knowledge, experience, practice, aptitude, training and all that. It is important to note that at this point, that you acquire would still be in its crude form and can only take you to an extent that is commensurate to whatever you have gained. On the other hand, to fine-tune refers to improving on something in order to achieve stability or perfection. So, what I want to ask you to do for yourself in 2014 is to ensure that you consistently fine-tune your skills. Engage in activities that will help you to become better skilled and equipped for 2014 than you are for today.
You need to understand that there is no scarcity of what to do to succeed, there is only scarcity of people who have given attention to building up their skills so they can remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace. You need to fine-tune and improve your life skills, technical skills, social skills, leadership skills, business skills, critical and analytical skills, as well as language skills in 2014.
So, here are some tips to help you fine-tune your skills and still remain relevant for 2014. I will just highlight them and let you go ahead and define each point for yourself. And if you need more discussion on any of them, then feel free to reach me.
1. Set structured time aside to consider your next move.
2. Consider where you want to be.
3. Find the gaps in your skill set.
4. Focus in on your areas of strength.
5. Take free online courses (check Edx and coursera on the internet).
6. Hangout with geeks (people who have already improved on their own skills.
7. Read! Read! Read!
8. Practice! Practice! Practice!
I am confident that if you take your time to improve on your skills, you will stand better chances to move on to the next level in all dimensions of your life. So, if I were you, I would set skills improvement as one of my major goals and I would rather go to places and get involve in things that will help me achieve improved skills in 2014. By so doing, we will definitely find ourselves remain relevant and productive in the coming year.
Prayer: May your gifts and talents make way for you and bring you before kings as you go on to work on them in 2014 in Jesus name, Amen!
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