Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 52: Follow in the footsteps of godly great men

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 52: Follow in the footsteps of godly great men

 “Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ.” – Paul, the Apostle
Today, I want to share with you one simple but highly neglected secret to unmatchable success in life and destiny. This secret or principle is seen run through all the ages past and continues to hold sway even in our very present generation. I am pretty sure it will continue to remain a relevant and dependable secret even in generations to come. That simple secret is this: Follow in the steps of godly men if you want to achieve success. Why do you need to follow in the footsteps of godly men? Because it is recorded that The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his way.” (Psalm 37:23). I am not talking about trying to be like them. I will explain.
You and I understand that the world and everything that exists in it revolves around principles. That is to say, there are rules guiding everything you see in life, and that includes achieving a successful and excellent life. There are men and women who hold or have held mastery over these principles in their own life and that is why we see them excel at a level and dimension that beats our imagination. These men and women in the course of living their life here on earth have left footprints for those of us coming behind to identify. Follow and then be able to achieve their level of success or even more when you consider all the opportunities, privileges and the competitive advantage that the age we live in presents to us all. So, this is not about trying to like any man (because all you can be when you copy others is a second best to them), but to lay hold of the principles they applied in the lives and adapt them to your life. Because the principles of success and excellence are universal, it will also work for you.
Looking back at history, successful men were just a succession of preceding successful men. I have many examples to share with you. Jesus the Christ came and told some few seemingly incapable and looked down, already counted out of the number men, “follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” All you need is just to have been a student of Christian Religious Knowledge or a good listener at Sunday school to know that what happened after these men followed Him is now a big story. Even after the first men that followed, no man who has ever followed remained a common man. There is power in following in the footsteps of godly men. You may have heard of Moses and Joshua. Joshua followed in the steps of Moses. Joshua didn’t become a second Moses. Looking at their lives you will discover a highly divergent disparity in character and personality, yet the same principles worked for both of them to the extent that God told Joshua, “as I had been with Moses my servant, so will I be with you.” You want the God that saw a man through his tough times and difficult days to see you through, find out what that man did and apply them to your own personal life. Esther followed in the steps and principles of Mordecai, I Elisha did same with Elijah, Timothy did same with Paul, the Apostle. T.D. Jakes did same with Noel Jones, David Oyedepo followed in the footsteps of Kenneth Copeland. I can go on and on and on……
When you walk in the footsteps of godly men, you will avoid mistakes and definitely glean from their wisdom and experience. When you walk in the footsteps of godly men, the favours that worked for them will work for you, the angles that went ahead of them to make the way straight will also go before you. When you walk in the footsteps of godly men, the things and the men that favoured them will favour you. You steps will become ordered of the Lord to the right places in order to meet the right people who will accord you the right reception and opportunities.
Now, do not say there are no godly men today because of all you hear over the news. It is a fallacy and a deception of the devil to distract you from this secret and so that you can take it lightly and lose out in the blessing therein. I know several godly men. I have done my best to follow in their steps and I have seen what worked for them and even more work for me at all times. All you need is to weigh the life of every man you want to follow in the light of the word of God. Do not expect perfection but look out for a heart for God, love for God’s people in their lives and characters worth emulating. That will be all you need to know if this person is worth following. You know, I always tell our team members, you can succeed and achieve excellence because they exist in my life. All you need to do is discover what my secrets are and apply them and they will work for you.
These men can speak power and grace into your life. God has given them or delegated His authority to them here on earth. There is power in whatever they do or say. They have won God’s heart by their sacrifice to follow Him. They love God’s people. They lead their lives in the light of the truth. Why won’t God honour them? And if God honours them, when you do what they did, God will also honour you.
That is why part of your assignment for 2014 is to locate one man who is godly and get close to him. Talk with them. Identify what their secrets are. Attempt to adapt them like I said and surely, you will learn things that will add value to your life. Just like Jesus’ disciples, meeting such men in 2014 could turn around you life and your success story. Never neglect this principle.
Prayer: May God guide your footsteps aright in 2014. You will not be found in the counsel of the ungodly, in the way of sinners nor in the seat of scorners in 2014 in Jesus name, Amen!
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