Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 53: Find your place and stay in it

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 53: Find your place and stay in it

“Then Saul clothed David with his armor; he put a bronze helmet on his head and clothed him with a coat of mail.And David girded his sword over his armor. Then he tried to go, but could not, for he was not used to it. And David said to Saul, I cannot go with these, for I am not used to them. And David took them off.” – 1 Samuel 17:38-39
This is a late post on Day 53 of #LAST70FAYSOF2013 that will help you ‘find your place in life’. You have a place in the destiny of your generation. You are not here on earth by any mistake or coincidence. You were sent here intentionally by your maker for a purpose. One of the demands of purpose is that it does not work out when you are out of place. You cannot be out of place in terms of your assignment here and expect miracles to happen. In 2014, you will need a repositioning to be able to record a meaning impact. In this world,, you must find your place to be able to reach your generation with any potential inside of you. So, today, we will discuss finding your place and staying in it.
In the history of the battle between Israel and the philistines, one of the most interesting is the one that involved the shepherd boy, called David. Before this time, he had only been accustomed to using a sling with stones fitted into the sling. He had previously used this tool to rescue his father’s sheep from the claws and jaws of a lion and a bear. He was perfect with his sling. People respected for the way he shoots with it and never misses his target. His swings always had sway at all times. He had mastered the art all his life. He was quite comfortable with it.
But on this very day, he had just arrived at the army’s camp to provide hospitality for his brothers enrolled in the Israeli army. And behold, a giant standing before God’s people. He decided to take up the challenge. But the King wanted him to go against the giant in a fashion; a fashion that was only accustomed to the King himself. David had never tried the tool before. He has never worn any armour before. When he wanted to take a step, he discovered he could not. On this very day, David’s destiny was hanging on the thread. The purpose for which he was sent was about to begin to manifest. If he takes any wrong move, that will be the end for it. The challenge therefore for him on this fateful day was to find his place and stay in it. Graciously, for him, he stopped, removed the armour and went back to his sling and stones.
People want to impose their place on your or impose you on their place. Whichever is the case, do not allow it if you want to find fulfilment in life and reach you God-given potential and destiny. I am imagining what would have been my/your reaction if I/you were there one with the privilege to wear the same armour worn by the King.Many of us would have allowed an irrelevant pride and un-enduring glory to steal away our calling from us. We would want everyone to see us in the King’s suits so that they will know are important in the government or influential in the land. But David know that what wins the battle is not when you are in another man’s place but when you are fully and deeply rooted in your place in life.
Come 2014, this form of challenge will come your way, where you will be tempted to be like other people. where other people will want to impose their personality on you. You must stand and resist it totally. You can imagine where you are for all these, after trying to be like others and stand in their place. Dear friend, find your place and stay in it. Do not want to be a motivational speaker when your thing is singing. Do not want to be a best-selling author when there is a best-rated dancing school inside of you. Do not try to be a super-model when have you a nation builder inside of you. Do not want to become a politician when you have been clothed in the skin and given a heart of a preacher. Yours may be to transform a particular kind of sport, then do not attempt to beat Chimamanda Adichie’s feat. Find your place and stay in it, for by so doing, you will find peace and joy in life. You have only one life to live. Live it on purpose.
Not everyone in this world will find their place because I know that finding your place in life can be a struggle and very difficult. I had my share of this struggle too but I am at a point where I think I have or I’m about finding my place. I will just point out ideas that have helped me.
– Identify your armour and master it.
– Do not allow others to impose their war strategy on you.
– Never allow the pride to be like others steal your identity or blindfold you from yours.
– Look at life from a different but positive perspective.
– Identify what you do that makes difference in other people’s lives.
– Identify what you do that utilizes your God-given talent.
– Identify where those gifts and such people are and serve them with those gifts.
– When you find this place, stay in it!
Prayer: You will not miss your place in life in 2014. May be always found in your place of purpose and destiny as you journey through life in Jesus name, Amen!
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