Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 54: Fish out the bad eggs in your life plan

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 54: Fish out the bad eggs in your life plan

“Cast out the bondwoman and her son: for the son of the bondwoman shall not be heir with the son of the free woman.” – Sarah, Mother of Israel
I once had a friend some years back. Over the time, we got really talking and before we knew it we were close. I mean, I began to feel that is person was a special person in my life. I thought we then should be able to reason through issues and ideas together and come up with something beneficial to us and those around us. So, I opened up to her and shared what I considered one of the greatest visions God has given to me. I will not believe the feedback I received. This friend of mine just laughed at what I just told her and said “how on earth will you achieve that?” I was taken aback and frankly lost in the scenario. I never believed the response I got because I thought she would be the best person to share with, hoping I will hear something like “yes, this is a great vision and it is possible.” You know what? That was the last time I shared anything deep with her. And shortly after that the friendship went into oblivion.
I thank God that at the time of the event highlighted above, I was still strong in faith, so I didn’t move my feet. I stood strong on my faith and I am glad that even after many years, I believe in that same vision today, more than I did some years back. Also, I have seen the vision taking shape gradually. I am sure that many of us can truly associate ourselves with the story above. Several thousands of men and women with great vision have lost scope of their vision because someone they trusted with the vision said or did something awkward about the vision that demoralized their belief and faith in that vision…..And they gave it up, never tried again for once. Just because of a bad egg they kept around their life plan.
This may not just come in form of words. Sometimes, it may come in form of action, where you see people who you expect to be there for what you have paid so much sacrifice and price for, only for you to see them act in ways that discourages those who are doing the work. In as much as you need people in your life plan, it is not everyone that you need. There are people who are like ‘bad eggs’ in your life plan and they must be fished out and discarded before they affect the good ones.
These bad eggs find it difficult to believe in any good thing you tell them. They laugh at your dreams and vision and think it’s impossible to achieve them. They have negative and corrupted mentality. To them, the nation will never get better and so do not think of anything good come out of it.  This is worst thing that can happen to any vision, that it comprises or involves people who do not believe in it.
In 2014, you will need people to support your dreams and help you in making sure they are achieved but you must to careful to identify such people and discard them.  Jesus said to a group of people “he that is not with me is against me: and he that gathereth not with me scattereth.” The people around you are either with you and give their help to you or they are simply against you. These people may be friends you grew up with all your life. They may be people you lived with in the same house. They may even be your blood relations. But so long as they are not building with you in your vision, then they must be separated from whenever issues pertaining to your life plan is on the discussion table. It may be something difficult to do, but vision needs drastic actions at some times if the vision will survive and you will need to choose which is more important to you between what God wants to do in your life or the people around you do not see what you see.
These kinds of people are not difficult to identify. By their manner of speech and action towards your dream and vision whenever you talk to them about it, you will know. They are always NEGATIVE about everything. They make MOCKERY of everything. They believe NOTHING IS POSSIBLE. They are TOO BUSY to be there for anything you are doing. They see FAULT in everything and everyone apart from themselves.   And yet they think they KNOW ALL things. They TALK EVIL of those who truly support your vision. When you see such people, avoid them and never commit your life dream or vision to them. They will destroy what you have taken all your life to build.
It is a hard truth but if you will succeed in 2014, you must consciously identify these people and discard them from your life plan.
 Prayer: May God deliver you from men of un-like minds and bad intentions in 2014. May He connect you only with those who will truly support your vision in 2014 in Jesus name, Amen!
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