Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 60: Focus on the positives

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 60: Focus on the positives

There’s always a positive to those negative times, because you come out of it so much stronger and wiser. Strength comes from every hardship, and it’s been a lesson for me.”
One of the most difficult things to do is to remain positive in our kind of world today where everyone and everything around us are so negative. But for anyone who really wants to achieve success and live a maximized life in 2014, there is no option than to remain and focus on the positives. This is because there is no sign that the things around you will get better. Challenges will keep coming. Tough times will always arise. Rejection will be thrown at you. Friends will abandon you. Failures and mistakes will crop up. Economic crises will strike as usual. The only thing that needs to and can get better is YOU and YOUR DISPOSITIONS to all of these.
I have personally experienced some of these situations myself but one thing has worked for me at all times. I discovered that whenever I face such situations and decide to remain positive, I have always scaled through them unharmed, with my spirit remaining unbroken but rather stronger than I can ever imagine. On the other hand, when I do not remain focused on the positives and decide to be negative, I see things get worse. So, what I have decided to do anytime I find myself in  a situation that I do not like, instead of focusing on that situation, I decide to focus my mind on all the good and glorious things and people in my life.
The reason why things do not work for some people is because they only concentrate their focus on the negatives while there are so many good things of life that we can focus on and be happy about. It is important that everyone around you faces the same situations like you but only on different degrees, without any assurance that yours is worse. The thing is that most people who succeed have decided to ensure that nothing is good enough to distract their attention on their goals. As a matter of fact, you lose more when you decide not to be positive than when you hold a positive perspective in life.
It is all about how you perceive life. Take a look at this word – GODISNOWHERE. What do you see? A negative person will see GOD IS NO WHERE, while a positive person will see GOD IS NOW HERE. I am giving this example to show that how we see things determine where we will remain positive at any situation or not. For someone who sees that God is never far away, will never leave nor forsake him/her, whatever happens can be seen from a positive angle.  
I feel strongly that you will need a lot of focus on the positives if you will overcome all the negatives and the challenges that you will encounter in 2014. To help you focus on positives, you may consider the following:
– Be grateful for everything that happens and give thanks to God.
– Take Action. Make a plan and change your situation.
–  Seek support. Surround yourself with those who care.
– Keep learning. Focus on how you can grow stronger.
– Remind yourself that everyone has their own journeys.
– View every challenge as an opportunity for growth and self-discovery.
Remember that everything must not work out the way we expect but no matter what, we must learn to stay positive for by so doing, we receive the best from life.
Prayer: May God in every situation fill your heart with goodness and shield you from every negative mindset in Jesus name. Amen!
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