Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 61: Give to God in 2014

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 61: Give to God in 2014

Can you believe we have just 9 days to call 2013 quit? And so far in this series, we have consistently shared great truths for 60 days? I want to really give God praise for His support to this journey and for you who has been following. So today let’s appreciate God with a piece about ‘giving to God’. Did you say give to God? Is that possible? How can I give to God? What can I even give to God? Does God need my gift? How does that affect my year in the first? Yes, I know these are some of the questions cropping in your mind right now after seeing the title of Day 61 in the #LAST70DAYSOF2013 series. Especially coupled with the antagonism that is currently received from every quarter when you mention the word ‘give’. Some people actually see the word ‘give’ as forbidden. Some think it is the word used in ‘robbing’ people of their ‘not enough’ and hard earned resources. So when you mention it in relation to God, it is then even more like a taboo among some people.
I am not here to make a case for giving,  because giving is strong on its own to defend itself. I am only here to encourage those who have held to the principle to take it further in the coming year. But because, giving is a natural principle, it will only take those who had practiced and experience this law effectual in their lives that can embrace it and never feel that it is awkward to talk about giving. As a matter of fact, giving is living. Anyone who is not giving is hardly living. It is easy to understand and appreciate giving when you consider the fact that everything you have was given by someone. Just take a look around you and put yourself out of the picture. Giving is the greatest expression of love. So, let me say that anyone who is not giving does not love. I remember how good I always feel when I receive the gift of ‘giving’ from someone. I feel so blessed. However, I noticed that when I am the one who is doing the giving, the feeling increases so much that I know I am actually the one being blessed when I given. In as much as some people may not agree, it is important I point out too that giving is blessing. If you have been into giving, have you noticed that until you give out a thing, a new one will never come your way? This is because giving is growing. When you give, your coast is enlarged. Your room is enlarged.
So why should I give to God who has everything and does not need my giving to be God? Well, I give to God because when I give, I feel alive. When I give to God, I am telling Him how much I love Him. And note that there is no much I can give to out-give the love of God for He first loved humanity and gave His indescribable gift in Christ Jesus for everyone. When I give to God, I am not giving to bless Him, for He is blessing all by Himself but when I give to Him, I am the one who is being blessed.
And so what can be given to God as He does not need your money or physical earthly resources? Understanding what you can give to God will help you to know how to go about it on 2014 and knowing why you should give to him will be a great motivation for you. I believe that 2014 should not be a year of selfishness. Even though we have talked much about you, you and you, do not forget that it is God who has the final say over every agenda of man. It is therefore a wise idea to consider that if there is anything possible to give to God, then, that should be given wholeheartedly and cheerfully.
I feel that in 2014, you can give to God the following:
1. You can give God yourself (your heart and your life). Repent from your sins and become born-again. That is what God really wants to have. YOU!… and nothing else
2. You can give God your attention. Make Him your priority. He wants to share some success secrets with you
3. You can give God your time. Serve in His house and Kingdom. He needs you to contribute to spreading His love and the good news of His gospel to your world using your gifts and potentials
4. You can give God your thanks, praise, honour and glory for all He does for you daily.
5. You can give God your resources in support of the work in His house and Kingdom….for by prosperity shall His Kingdom be spread abroad.
I dare you to give your all and your best to God in 2014 and see if you will ever lack any good thing in your personal and professional life in the coming year. That will be your best worship in 2014. Above all, it is a privilege to give to God who is the creator of all things.
Prayer: May you not hold back anything from God in 2014. And as you give your all and best to Him, may your 2014 be honoured with great breakthroughs and testimonies in Jesus name….Amen!
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