Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 62: Give to one, give to all

Last 70 Days of 2013 – Day 62: Give to one, give to all

If anyone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar. For if a person does not love his brother, whom he has seen, then he cannot love God, whom he has not seen.” – I John 4:20
Yesterday, we discussed giving to God in 2014. I am very sure some of us are not at home with the issue of giving to God. So today, I want to bring it home to one of the ways you can give to God – a way that God has approved in the scriptures. And that is giving to people. We mentioned many things about giving. We saw that giving is living, loving, growing and blessing. All these can best be practiced and experienced when you do so to a fellow man. How can you say you love God and want to give to Him when you do not love the people around you? The first sign of your love for God is manifested in the way you love others and give to them of your blessing.
So today, my encouragement to you is to make 2014 a year you will show God love by loving and giving to the people who matter in your life and those around you as well. I will keep it simple because I know you have heard about giving to people before. I will just re-emphasize it and ask you to really consider it as one of your plans for 2014 if you have not done so. It will really give you meaning and transform your life in 2014 if you choose to give a little more of what God has given and will yet give you in 2014 to bless others. I always tell people, that when you let your heart desire become to bless others with what you have, God will definitely bless you because He knows you will not be selfish.
And for your giving to make sense and be effective, give to everyone who truly needs it from you. Do not discriminate and do not be selective. You know how we only give to those who we expect to give back to us or how we give to only those who have the capacity to give to us too, while we ignore those we think cannot give back to us or those who we feel we do not love enough to give to.  When we talk about giving to people, I do not want you to only think about money or other physical resources. If that is your only definition of what can be given, then you will create a room for excuse not to give. Giving can go beyond that to things that you cannot imagine, as unexpected as a simple smile. We have something to give to someone out there and truly, there is someone out there who has need for your gift. I am telling you can give immensely next year without spending much money.
I will share with you how I plan to live a life of giving towards, family, friends, love ones and acquaintances in 2014. Probably, if you do not know how to go about giving to others in 2014, you can simply adopt mine as well.
How and what I plan to give in 2014
  1. I will give loved ones, friends and family of my time. I will create time to be with people who need my presence and share my time with them. I understand well that some people do not need a dime from me but my time being shared with them. Let them enjoy me.
  2. I will give loved ones, friends and family hospitality. I will share with them of my cup of water, a plate of food, and a roof to share. I will open my hands to them.
  3. I will give loved ones, friends and family service. I am willing to help them with whatever they might need that is within my reach and capacity.
  4. I will give loved ones, friends and family of my prayer. I know they will have tough times and challenges in the coming year. So, I will not hold back my prayer to continually bring them before God concerning all their needs and desires.
  5. I will give loved ones, friends and family of my resources. I am blessed. I have all things in all sufficiency and God has made it so that I may abound unto every good works.
So dear friend, in 2014, I indulge you to give your best. Give to one, give to all. By so doing, you will discover the true essence of living, loving, growing and being blessed. I am waiting to meet you at the top in 2014.
Prayer: May you not hold back anything from those that God will bring your way help in 2014. And as you give your all and best to Him by giving to men, may your 2014 be honoured with great breakthroughs and testimonies in Jesus name….Amen!
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