[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 2: Vision – Why it can’t be overemphasized

[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 2: Vision – Why it can’t be overemphasized

Hello Friend,
In this life, I have come to truly realise and believe wholeheartedly that vision is one of the most powerful forces in the life of every successful and excellent man or woman you can ever think of. For some years now, I have been hearing and learning about vision and why it is important. Frankly, there is nothing successful and excellent in my life that cannot be traced to a particular vision that I have captured at one time or the other in my life.
I have also come to know several high flyers in my class and above. With a critical study of each of them, both male and female, I have arrived at a compelling and candid conclusion that the strength behind their flight is a well-crafted and divinely inspired vision to create a change and live a life of impact. No wonder they never get tired of trying new things and coming up with life-transforming initiatives and idea.
When I think of people like Olusola Amusan, Emeka Nobis, Jepther Akaehie, Ofilispeaks, Matthew Adedoyin, Teekay Kalu, Ngozi Ilondu, Olawale Isaiah Ojo, Sam Obafemi, Mmanti Umoh, David Lanre Messan, Olumide Climate Idowu and so many too numerous to mention in this little piece, I can only confirm that life has no meaning until it has found its place in a vision. You may be familiar with the scriptural quotation that says “Where there is no vision [no redemptive revelation of God], the people perish” and I would like you to know that, that is how important a vision can be. All I can say is that talk on having a vision cannot be overemphasized for without it, the people are lost in direction for life. So why is vision important and cannot be overemphasized?

1.      Vision is the source and hope of life
2.      Vision is the key to unlocking every gate and making possible the impossible
3.      Vision sets you free from limitation of what the eye can see
4.      Vision is the foundation of courage and fuel of persistence
5.      Vision is the energy of progress
6.      Vision is the source of personal and corporate discipline

So, if you need all these virtues in your life, you must embrace a life with a vision. You see that without vision, 2014 will be a lost year again. If this year must be fulfilled and maximized, it must then be anchored on a vision, for without it, nothing will happen in your life. When you live your life with vision, it makes life more meaningful and helps you to see every day in a different light and perspective. You will begin to value people, time and opportunities, knowing that each of these come to you for a purpose and should not be taken common.
Fortunately, there is still time today to go back to your drawing board, get back to giver of vision (God) and ask Him for guidance on what to do with your life this year.

God bless you and I will see you next Monday.
Your friend in Success and Excellence

Apeh Omede
BBM Pin: 74200893
@jabulaniapeh, @ApehOmede, @SuccessConverge
Team Leader – LifeExcel and Convener, SuccessConverge

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