[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 3: You are God’s Tapestry

[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 3: You are God’s Tapestry

Hello Friend,

We are already three weeks into the year and the future still looks blurred and your life not yet in place and you are wondering if anything good will come out of this year. But don’t worry. God is at work in your life. You are God’s tapestry and God is your tapestrier. I will explain. A tapestry is a fabric consisting of a warp upon which coloured threads are woven by hand to produce a design, often pictorial, used for wall hangings, furniture coverings, etc. Tapestry is weft-faced weaving, in which all the warp threads are hidden in the completed work, unlike cloth weaving where both the warp and the weft threads may be visible. In tapestry weaving, weft yarns are typically discontinuous; the artisan interlaces each coloured weft back and forth in its own small pattern area. It is a plain weft-faced weave having weft threads of different colours worked over portions of the warp to form the design.

In the making of a tapestry, the design begins with no colour or shape. To the ordinary man who does not know or understand the skills, ingenuity, mastery and the wisdom of the tapestrier to work with coloured threads round the warp, they may think he is confused and does not see any meaning in his work. However, the tapestrier understands, that with each coloured thread woven on the warp, the journey just begins and continuous from what seems discontinued and unorganised to a beauty to behold with utmost admiration and unfathomable beautiful masterpiece. This is exactly who we are.We are like tapestry in the hand of the Tapestrier (God), ‘For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do’ (Ephesians 2:10). Our lives at certain times, especially in periods like the beginning of the year as such, may seem like there is no direction. Yours may be full of different colours, shades and complexes of troubles, trials and confusions. When people see you, they may laugh and think that there’s nothing good coming out of your life. Don’t worry about that, just wait and hold on patiently.
The tapestrier, on the other hand is the only person who can have hope in his work. He sees beyond what the ordinary man sees and understands how each colour adds beauty one colourful thread at a time to the whole project. He works patiently until the design he has in mind is fully created. Even when the pattern he has in mind is not coming up as expected, he never gives up. He has faith that with a little more trials, the design will bloom up.This is exactly who God is. God is the tapestrier. He is working in our lives in a way that no one else sees. He understands the different colours, shades and complexes of all our troubles, trials and confusions. And even when it seems that they are not working out, He will definitely make them fall into their right places. He may lead us now through roads that look rough and tough, but He is bringing us into a wide road on which we can drive on full speed to destiny and purpose. He knows that things may not be in their full order and position but He is not confused about any strand of the coloured thread He is using to weave our lives. He is actually looking forward to your life coming out in bright colours of neatly woven threads of beauty, harmony, glorious and gorgeous. He is using the various colours of the threads of our problems to design a life that will be full of His praise and testimony.

At the end of the day, we understand that a tapestry is made of various colours, from a complex model and is used in different ways. It is the colours that make the tapestry beautiful. It is the complex model that makes it unique and different from the others and it always finds purpose and usefulness in many ways. This is the same with you. It is those colours of problems that make your life beautiful and admirable when God is done with them all. It is those complex situations that you overcome through God that make you unique and definitely, by the time God is down, you find a useful and purposeful life, impacting everyone around you.
So when you do not understand but you still have to face the day continuously throughout this year, remember that you are simply the tapestry and God, who is the tapestrier is in charge of the weaving your life into amazing beauty. He never makes mistakes. Everything He does is perfect. This week, do not let anything weigh you down because you are on your way to manifesting God’s beauty and masterpiece.
Enjoy your week and I will see you next Monday, a beautiful piece of God’s tapestry.
Your friend in Success and Excellence
Apeh Omede
BBM Pin: 74200893
@jabulaniapeh, @ApehOmede, @SuccessConverge
Team Leader – LifeExcel and Convener, SuccessConverge


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