[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 7: Love yourself to Success

[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 7: Love yourself to Success

Hello Friend, 
Four days ago, the whole environment in most cities of the world was filled with the aura of love. You could literarily perceive the scent of love and see every corner of the street painted in red. It was the always looked-forward-to St. Valentine’s day. Friends and families gathered and shared in their love for each other. To many, it was a time to reflect on relationships and how to amend broken cords while to others, it was time to build upon the already-standing foundation.
However, to many, it was nothing but a time to feel sorry for ‘self’, and languish in a self-imposed agony and notion that nobody loves them. Frankly, I have come to reckon with the hard truth that failure in life begins when a man finds it hard to discover a reason to live life in its abundance. This is one of the reasons why there are many people who could be great, but end up less than that.
How can one find a reason to wake in the morning, every week to hit the road with enthusiasm and passion for life when there is no drive to live a better life? And how can one desire a better life for ‘self’ when one does not love his or her self? And how can life have meaning if these are lacking?
Today’s Monday Success Reflections is on the need for you to love yourself, for by so shall you be able to lay hold on success, get more out of life and then be able to share that which you are able to get from life with others within your sphere of influence. Why don’t you wake up every morning and tell the man in the mirror ‘I love you’, instead of waiting for someone to come and tell you that? Why don’t you wake up every morning and look at yourself in the mirror and say to YOU that ‘YOU’ are a masterpiece and are wonderfully crafted by a Master-Maker? Why don’t you wake up every morning and just look at the man in the mirror and ‘SMILE’ to him or her? The truth be told, the more you do these, the better your life will become and you will never need to wait for someone to tell you these. And as you do these, it will begin to reflect externally and those around you will begin to feel the aura of love flowing from within you and then, they will not have any other option than to love you. You do not need to beg for love, my dear. It will come to you when you first begin to love yourself.
Some religious people will think I am sounding carnal. They may wonder why sound I sound this way. To them, this is sounding selfish. But one of the greatest commands of God is to Love your neighbour AS YOU (FIRST) love yourself. That is to say, God expects you to love yourself first, for it is out of the abundance of the love you have for yourself that you can love your God and your neighbour. “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with thy entire mind. This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.” – (Matthew 22:37-39). How can you claim to Love God and your neighbour when you do not love yourself? Let me say that it is hypocrisy to love others and treat them well while you do otherwise to yourself. The foundation for loving others is built on love for yourself. I will like to let you know two things about loving yourself. First, it is God’s desire, and secondly, it is God’s command.
Loving yourself gives you a better perspective of how God truly sees you daily and of who you are. It allows you believe in your future and hope that God won’t let you fail. It gives you room in your life to accommodate all the good things that God brings and is yet to bring in your life. It provides you with the mindset to see people through the eyes of love. It allows you to understand that all that comes to you are for good and to build you up to become who you were meant to be.
So this week, as you wake up daily, do not let the devil lie to you and make you hate yourself. If you allow that, you will begin to see things around you as hateful including people who God may bring into your life to love so that by loving them you will find your place in life. Continue to live a love-filled life today and let it start with you.
I will see you next Monday flowing in love.
Update on Love2DLoveless:
As you may know, I started hinting you on our Charity Initiative in LifeExcel called ‘Love2DLoveless’. This is a project targeted at motherless babies and less-privileged youths. On 15thFebruary, our team in Kogi State raised over 10,000 Naira and held an outreach to an orphanage in Kogi State. There have been several praise reports with respect to the outing. In the coming months we hope to hold more outreaches and even go beyond Kogi State to the nations of the World. I want to thank you for your prayers and support. I will keep you posted about upcoming events.
Your friend in Success and Excellence

Apeh Omede
BBM Pin: 74200893
@jabulaniapeh, @ApehOmede, @SuccessConverge
Team Leader – LifeExcel and Convener, SuccessConverge

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