[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 8: How to rule your day

[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 8: How to rule your day

Hello friend,
Do you know that a day that is maximized is a day that is ruled and any day lost is one which was never ruled? Achieving all there is in a given day is a matter of positioning yourself properly for each day as it comes.
It has been declared that every day we see is made by the Lord and that His blessings are renewed to us every morning. That means we do not have any reason to complain about any day if we truly put ourselves in the position to reap these daily blessings. But it is not always so because, we have not learned to rule our day.
Success has a lot to do with how you see and view each day, how you prepare for it and how much you expect to get or gain from it.One of the hidden secrets to becoming exceptional with maximizing your life is in your ability to take hold of your day and rule it. So, today, I want us to reflect on five ways to take charge over your day.
1. Make use of your nights. The night hours are very good times to reflect on the past day, criticise the mistakes of it thereof, and re-strategise for the coming day. It gives you the opportunity to think clearly and freely without the hassles of the day and the noisome disturbance of friends and family. You are all by yourself and so can concentrate effectively.
2. Be an early riser. Jesus Christ was known for this unique characteristic. The Bible made us to know that He rises very early ahead of His disciples and then separates Himself to think, ponder and pray. Rising early gives you the chance to clear your head and become vigorous enough to stand up and prepare for the day long before others. And this, of course places you at an advantage over the day.
3. Speak to your day. Take time to command your day. Speak to it by faith what you expect in prayers. Men of old like Joshua spoke to the moon while Deborah and Barak had the stars fought on their side against their enemies. The intangible parts of nature can be commanded. As a matter of fact, this is one of the dimensions of the dominion God gave man. He is not ought to be weighed down by the things the day brings but to subdue the day and everything it throws at him.
4. Have a plan. Any day you failed to plan for is a day totally lost. What you plan for is what you pursue and hopefully, going to see achieved or come to pass. Even though we know that each day is blessed for our sakes, yet we need to have a plan on how to take hold of it and whatever God presents to us in the course of the day.
5. Stay positive through the day. The previous points do not suggest a smooth ride all through the day. They day may still bring discouragement and challenges after all. But after all these, do your best to remain standing. In the midst of it all, whether good or bad, stay positive and never allow your heart to be moved or troubled. Smile as much as you can and laugh even with it is not funny. By so doing, the day will not have any option than to bow to you.
I believe if these are part of your daily considerations, then your days will be subdued to continually yield the promised blessings of God unto you. Go get it!

See you next Monday, as you rule today and the days ahead of you.
Your friend in Success and Excellence
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