[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 10: Know the right time

[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 10: Know the right time

Hello friend,

Welcome to another wonderful Monday, a day to reflect on the possibility of success in your life, career, job, business, marriage, relationships and ministry. Today I want to share with you on the importance of knowing when is the right time to make a move toward the dream in your heart concerning any area of your life. Having knowledge of the right time to take an action is very important in fulfilling destiny.  

If you are a good bible student and recall the life of Jesus, the Christ, you will remember that several times he was asked by his brothers to manifest his power and authority since he claimed to be the Messiah. His response to them was ‘my time has not come’. And indeed when his time came, no one needed to tell him what to do but the lesson in that was that he never missed his time. Remember how he cried over Jerusalem because the city missed her time of visitation?

It is not a good thing for a man of destiny to miss his time. So today, I share with you five highlights in relation to knowing your time.

1. Look for the auspicious moment

Seasons declare or indicate themselves before they come. You must be sensitive in the spirit to discern such times and moments when the tide of time and the efforts of other people make things happen for you. You must listen attentively to hear when your spirit tells you ‘this is the time’ (a witness within).

2. Advance preparation brings the time closer

Eventually, every opportunity must meet with preparation. Most times, when people sense something, they start preparing. Do not wait for your turn, it may never come. It is an open season, open for all. All you need is to be prepared at all times to grab the opportunity when it comes. Just be right on time and that is the most important thing.

3. Discern sensible opportunity

You need to be able to discern a sensible opportunity to be able to key into you time. Sometimes, the door of opportunity is open for too long and you do not know it. Sometimes, you may know it but you cannot access it. Seize the moment, especially when you have what it takes. No one will come and drop the opportunity on your laps. It lies on and with you do be able to sense and know it is time to walk through the door or not to do so.

4. You need an audacious faith and boldness

Faith ad boldness swelling in your inside is one of the important keys to identifying your time. You should be able to experience a dimension of faith and boldness toward a goal or dream when it is time for your manifestation. Stepping out can be very scary but what if you don’t sink as you are negatively thinking? What if God has prepared all things to provide support for your venture and you just remained in fear?

5. Your time is connected to your purpose

You must understand certain indicators of purpose in relation to knowing your time. — What did God take you out of (because you need to understand that God uses you as the first prototype of what He wants you to do for Him)?

– How far have you come in your work with God (are you still a receiver of help or has transformed to a giver of help)?

– Do you really want to go out there and make a difference? If yes, then that is an indication that your time has come and you are ready for it.

– What are the things that move you deeply? Do you see them around you now? – Has the music changed for you? If yes, then the dance will change. What are the current doors that God is opening?

Finding answers to these will give you a clue to whether your time has come or not and whether you are ready for it if it has come.

I encourage this day to attempt to find answers to these on your own through deeper soul search and prayer to God. This will help make your everyday living more powerful, purposeful and impactful.
God bless you and I will see you next Monday living in your time!
Your friend in Success and Excellence

Apeh Omede
BBM Pin: 74200893
@jabulaniapeh, @ApehOmede, @SuccessConverge
Team Leader – LifeExcel and Convener, SuccessConverge

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