[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 15: 5 Lessons from 3 Decades of my Life

[Monday Success Reflections with Apeh] 15: 5 Lessons from 3 Decades of my Life

Hello friend,

It was my birthday just three days ago. And I really was filled with love from friends all around me. I had a some surprise treats and my day was really great. Firstly, I thank God for the gift of life and I appreciate everyone who made it a worthy day for me. In the book of Psalms 90:12, King David wrote, ‘So teach us to number our days that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. So, as the euphoria of celebration was going on, I took time to ponder on some of the great lessons I have learnt over these years.

I discovered that the wisdom that guides us in life comes from pondering on how God and other circumstances have been working out in our lives. So, in today’s #MondaySuccessReflections, I want to share 5 lessons I have learnt so far in the more than 3 decades of my life here on earth.

1. God is the essence of life

I have in my life come to terms with the truth that life has most meaning when God is in it. I have not achieved much success compared to several millions of other people of my age all over the world (and I’m okay about that) but I am happy with the progress I have made in life so far. There are some who consider it that I have achieved a level of success and I agree with them. So when people ask me, what is my secret to success in life, my answer to them is God. I have seen lots turn around in my life since I came to the full knowledge of Him and have committed to living a life directed at glorifying Him. I have had more peace than worry, joys than sorrows, progress than stagnation, love than hatred and so on. I am sure you will experience same if you give thought to this and let him take charge of your life.

2. Personal development is key to growth

I have seen and heard young people complain and blame their parents, governments and institutions for lack of success and progress in their lives. But the truth I have come to full realisation of is that ‘you are expected to be more responsible for your life than others and be held accountable for its failure. Young people neglect and give no attention to developing themselves. They rather want to fold their arms and think everything will be provided. I have had this habit of buying myself a personal development product at every of my birthday in the past. This is because, each year as I celebrate my birthday, I have a focus. I look forward to something and I attempt to work toward it. Today, there is no quantification for all I have learnt investing in personal development in these past 3 decades. Take time to buy a book, learn a skill, attend a seminar anytime you have the opportunity and you will never regret it.

3. Failure should not be fatal

In my life, I have failed several times. There have been times when I was never impressed with my performance. There have been times when I felt ashamed and disappointed by my inputs and outputs thereof. And there have been times when I did my best and yet could not hit the mark. What did I do at those times? I moved on! I never got held back. I never stayed down. I stood up and moved on. Part of the things that have made me the person I am today were lessons from my failures. I never got to a point where failing became fatal and paralysed my mindset and power to try again. Rather, for each failure, a new level of courage and strength was acquired. So, give yourself a second chance. It’s not the end of the world.

4. People are worth more than money

I do not have all the money I need in my bank account right now but I have learnt that God has put all the things I need in life in people around me. I mean to say that ‘open door is a human being’. When I see someone pray for open doors and yet go on to treat people like they are ‘shit’, I tell myself such person is not yet serious. You must learn to love and value people and give into their lives if you much always have people be at your beck and call. God has blessed my life with the most wonderful people in life to the point that I know I have all I need in all the wonderful people around me and I do my best to appreciate them and let them know I do.

5. Keep your heart clean

People will never seize or fail to hurt you. This will include those close to you and those you love. I have had my share of this too in these past years. However, what I have learnt is that if you hold on to the grudge, you will hurt yourself more than the people are hurting you. Holding on to a hurt makes your life stink and there’s no way you can have a good and meaningful life living like that. You live free when you clean your heart of all hurt. You live happier too and keep people standing on their toes when you still love and care about people even when they hurt you. This is God’s way of life.

So, these are a few important lessons I wanted to share with you today, hoping they’ll inspire you to life a more purposeful week this week. I want you to know that you can have the best life now, here on earth. That is my wish and prayer for you, this day.

I will see you next Monday, enjoying your life.

Your friend in Success and Excellence


Apeh Omede

BBM Pin: 74200893

@jabulaniapeh, @ApehOmede, @SuccessConverge

Team Leader – LifeExcel and Convener, SuccessConverge


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