Monday Success Reflections with Apeh : 21 – Everything you do matters: How my blog saved my wallet

Monday Success Reflections with Apeh : 21 – Everything you do matters: How my blog saved my wallet

Hello friend,
It is good to be here with you again. As you may know, I have been offline here because I have been working on my wedding, which by God’s grace, is three weeks and two days today. Before I go on, I will like to appreciate everyone who had prayed, given a hand or any kind of support to us. On this note, I resume #MondaySuccessReflections.

I have come to truly realise that everything you do matters. Let me share my first experience on this matter. It was just two days after our wedding and we were still held back at Ilorin trying to round up a few things, and at the same time enjoying the first phase of our honeymoon. So I decided to take my new bride out. We had just finished have two glasses of chapman and a medium-sized made-in-Nigeria Hawaii pineapple flavoured pizza at Chronicles Restaurant and Bar. From there, we moved to Shoprite.

After a few pick ups, we boarded a taxi and in few minutes, we alighted and moved on to our hotel room. Being tired, we slept off. The next thing, it was morning. We got dressed and ready to go out. Behold, my wallet was no where to be found. We just discovered that I had lost my wallet the previous night. In that wallet were all my cards including very important ones I need back in Australia.

We searched everywhere and yet could not find it. We decided to go back to Shoprite, hoping we had left it there. But something happened. Before we got to the road to board a taxi to Shoprite, God’s Spirit spoke to my heart, saying my wife and I should just stand by the road. We got there and just stood, after trying to get several taxi and none was willing to pick us as in the first place we didn’t even know where to start from.

Before we knew it, a call came in from a strange number. ‘Good morning, please am I speaking with Mr Apeh Omede?’ ‘Yes, you are!’ I exclaimed. He said ‘I picked up your wallet in a taxi last night. You can come to University of Ilorin to pick it up’. In the next few minutes, we were with this young man at the University. After handing over the wallet to me, I asked, ‘how did you get my number’? I asked, because I didn’t have my Nigerian contact anywhere in my wallet. And he said, ‘I goggled your name and saw some blog posts by you with some bearing your phone number’. I was shocked.

I have been blogging for a while now and I have received lots of commendations and accolades from my audience but never had it ever occurred to me that my blog will save my wallet someday. All I did was to try my best to take that as serious as I could. If not for my blog, I wonder how that young man would’ve reached me.

There are many of us who do several things with our lives but we have never taken them serious or ever thought that, that one thing we do matters a lot. Fact is, you can never say when that thing you are doing will reward you. Do not look down on it or take it lightly. That may be your saviour someday in time of need. That is why the word of God says “whatsoever your hand finds to do, do it with all your heart”.

Today, I charge you that your success may be dependent on that little thing you do daily, though it’s impacting life, but you still think it does not matter because it has not rewarded you. Would you rather take it serious from today?

Apeh Omede
@jabulaniapeh, @ApehOmede, @SuccessConverge @myLifeExcel
Team Leader – LifeExcel and Convener, SuccessConverge
BBM Pin: 74200893



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