Monday Success Reflections with Apeh : 22 – Everything you do matters: Meet Ikechi, the guy who saved my wallet and 5 lessons…

Monday Success Reflections with Apeh : 22 – Everything you do matters: Meet Ikechi, the guy who saved my wallet and 5 lessons…

Hello friend,
Last week, I did a post on how my blog saved my wallet. What I didn’t mention was the young man who was wise enough to google my name to the point of locating my blog and found a means to contact me. My friend, Teekay pointed out to me it would be nice to know more about this wonderful young man. Today, I want you to meet Ikechi, the young man who saved my wallet.

Before going out that day, I had asked at the hotel reception if I left my wallet on the desk last night after we got back from out outing. So they knew I had lost my wallet. After the call from Ikechi and having met him and got the wallet back, we went back to the hotel. On getting to the reception, we met the receptionist and a guest who just arrived and was about checking in. I told the receptionist, ‘We found my wallet’.

Immediately, you will notice the reaction and change on their faces. What I said didn’t sound like what can happen in Nigeria. And the question was, ‘Do you mean someone in this country found your wallet and returned it’? ‘That guy must have come from another planet and not a Nigerian’. That was their reaction. I responded, ‘His name is Ikechi Chukwu, he’s actually a young Law student of University of Ilorin and from Rivers State’. The shock they expressed at that revelation was unimaginable.

I for one was as well first shocked when Ikechi handed the wallet to me, well intact with everything in the wallet still in it. But at the same time I thought about what I would have done if I were to pick someone else’s wallet. My action wouldn’t have been any different after all. So I thought there must be something unique about Ikechi.

Ikechi Chukwu who looks to be between his late teens and very early twenties happened to be one of the youths that the future of this country can be committed to without fear of what such youth will do. He’s actually a young man with a difference. He spent his own call credit to get in touch with us, gave us direction on how to locate him and waited for us by the roadside to the senior staff quarters of University of Ilorin for about an hour until we arrived. After handing over the wallet, we didn’t have anything reasonable to give in appreciation. So on getting back we emailed and asked him to send his account details to us so we could appreciate him, at least for his call credits. You will again be shocked by his response. Here are his exact words in reply to my email….

‘Your gratitude and prayers are more than enough. There is no need for any other appreciative gesture. It was just the right thing to do. I’ll keep in touch, my regards to your wife. Happy married life Sir.’

Last time I was in touch with him to ask how he was fairing, he said, ‘ I’m on break now doing an attache in a law office, taking driving lessons and taking some time for myself.’ This young man has a paper on a legal issue under process for publication at Faculty of Law at Dalhousie in Canada. He blogs at where he shares his views about everyday life in our society and tweets @CI_DOUGLAS. Is this young man not a hopeful face of Nigerian future?

So, what are the success reflections from Ikechi’s life?
1. Every one on Nigerian streets is not as bad as we think. There are still remnants left.
2. There are youths in this country who value honour, dignity and integrity more than money
3. It takes a young man with focus, vision, purpose and direction to make Ikechi’s kind of difference in someone else’s life
4. There are several Ikechis on our streets that only need the right lessons and support to make a difference
5. Ikechi’s life teaches the principle of collective good and paying forward every good deed.

I just hope you will find time and reflect on these and probably find a means to continue to be a difference maker in this generation. Feel free to connect with Ikechi on these platforms and maybe hear from him personally.

Twitter: @CI_DOUGLAS

I still remain…..

Your friend in Success and Excellence

Apeh Omede
@jabulaniapeh, @ApehOmede, @SuccessConverge
Team Leader – LifeExcel and Convener, SuccessConverge
BBM: 74200893



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