#MondaySuccessReflections: 26 – Controlled Failure: How not to make failing fatal 4. There’s deeper purpose in failing

#MondaySuccessReflections: 26 – Controlled Failure: How not to make failing fatal 4. There’s deeper purpose in failing

There was a man who was meant to be built up and encouraged by his teacher, the first man in his life to help him overcome failure. Yet, it was the same teacher who first called and labelled him a failure. He felt dejected and rejected. However, along the line, through curiosity and eagerness to know, he knew or rather discovered that ‘you can only be what people call you if you call yourself same’.

In his lifetime, he did great things that his teacher could not. He became more than a success. He was later on, some years ago, named ‘greatest mind of this century’. If you are someone close to trends of events, you would’ve guessed right who I’m talking about. His name was Albert Einstein.

Photo 24-08-2014 1 51 26 pm

Albert said these words which I count very meaningful. He said “I am thankful to all those who said no. It’s because of them I did it myself”. It only seemed to me that Einstein along the line in his life just discovered a secret on ‘how not to make failing fatal’ for him to make that comment. I believe that he discovered the deeper purpose in failing. So today’s #MondaySuccessReflections dwells on the truth that…….

  • There could be a deeper purpose in failing than just failure

So, as I round up with the last part in this series, believing that you have been encouraged to face failing and failure for the rest of your life, let me share with you on this subject.

How do you respond to failing and failure in your life? Do you see it as a means to get better or that you are not good at anything? Do you always think it’s the plan of the devil when you fail or that God could be showing you a better way? Do you see failing and failure as a threshing floor, refining you to become the best in what you do or do you take it to be a disaster to your goals and dreams? It’s all about your PERSPECTIVE. Here are a few things I think about how failing and failure could be for a deeper purpose than making you feel useless, rejected and despised.

  1. Failing simply shows us that we need more than ourselves to succeed in life. We need God and the supernatural a times.
  1. Failing simply means that we need people in our lives to hold us up and provide us with the right support. Network with destiny helpers.
  1. Failing simply means that we may not yet be ready to take charge of what we pursue as dreams and goals in life.
  1. Failing simply shows that there is still room to improve on our skills, strengths and weaknesses, as well as our strategies.
  1. Failing simply means there’s more work to do if you want to be the best in what we do.
  1. Failing simply teaches us to prepare well and be ready before we launch out.

Above all, two things you must always keep in mind when you face situations that look like failure situations are these. First, when you fail, there are good and well-meaning people around to help you find your way through difficult times and help you achieve success. How do you know them? You know them by the way they respond to you when you fail. They do not mock or laugh at you, rather they help you up and encourage you. Look around and you’ll find them. Second, if you do not find anyone, know that there is God who you can call out to and He will hear you out. Some don’t believe there is God but I want you to give Him a try and He’ll show up for you.

I just hope you have been blessed. I will be glad to hear from you to know how this series has blessed you.

I still remain…..

Your friend in Success and Excellence

Apeh Omede

@jabulaniapeh, @ApehOmede, @SuccessConverge

Team Leader – LifeExcel and Convener, SuccessConverge

BBM: 74200893


2 thoughts on “#MondaySuccessReflections: 26 – Controlled Failure: How not to make failing fatal 4. There’s deeper purpose in failing

  1. Friends who are still there at times when things are tough and failure is written on the wall are friends indeed. I am fortunate to have a few … and a God who is there all the way. I have only read the last of your series but you certainly have a gift of wisdom and encouraging words Apeh. God will certainly use you to bless many.

  2. Thank you so much, Fay. I thank God for His mercy and grace on our lives. It has been Him all the way. He’s so Faithful. I’m happy for you too. You’ve been a very good friend. God bless you too.

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