Meet me

Well, I am highly multi-tasking and have this unique potential to do many things at the same time….so what do you expect? I should not sit down and waste right? I actually find myself involved in several meaningful and life-changing (or should I say life-impacting?, you choose) activities (but that there are actually lots of things I am not involved in (like car racing, surfing and stuffs like computer games).

However, it will interest you to know that I am highly involved with young people and everything that has to do with their development. I am involved in leadership and as such I run a youth-led organisation called ‘LifeExcel International‘. I am also a social media geek (so do not be surprised at the results google will turn out for you when you type in my name and click search) and I have a social media handle on almost every platform… and as you can see, I love writing (I am currently working on World without Flowers and What Leaders DoTM Series) and blogging too (and you can checkout my agro-blog here if you have time. Lots of infos on opportunities in agriculture).

I am an ardent researcher and have love (or rather a flair) for animal science, not because I am a just a trained animal scientist but because I know and believe that animal production holds a strong stake in contributing to sustainable livelihood among the rural and semi-rural pro-poor farmers, youths and women (and so part of my dream is to become an excellent animal scientist with global impact on sustainable livelihoods among the poor and pro-poor).

For career purpose, I work as a lecturer in the University and I consider this the best job in the whole world (apart from Pastoring sincerely but you still are entitled to your thoughts about that anyway).

Read about me here. On social media platforms…..
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