#MondaySuccessReflections: 28 – Overcoming Complacency

#MondaySuccessReflections: 28 – Overcoming Complacency

Hello Friend,

It’s a beautiful week for me. I hope it’s same with you. I started my week with a powerful twitter hangout on #Audacity2Lead with my friend, Dayo Samuel, discussing ‘PURPOSE-DRIVEN LEADERSHIP‘. If you missed it, you can check my twitter timeline to see everything I shared yesterday.

So, here we are today for another edition of #MondaySuccessReflections. Let’s discuss Overcoming Complacency today, hoping it will be of great help to you. The dictionary defines complacency as a feeling of calm satisfaction, quiet pleasure or security with your own abilities or situation that prevents you from trying harder.

Many people are not succeeding today, not because the resources they need are not within their reach but because they are too lazy and care-free to stretch out and maximize these resources. Complacency is a killer of success. Why it is so dangerous is that a complacent individual is never aware of the potential dangers or defect of his apathy towards himself/herself or others around.

According to Pat Riley, in his book, ‘The Winner Within, complacency is the last hurdle any winner must overcome before attaining potential greatness. So, it implies that any complacent person towards his/her own life is robbing himself/herself of the potential to become great.

Where does complacency come from? Complacency is a product of false feeling of satisfaction; absence of a major, visible crisis; low performance standards; lack of performance feedback among many others, As a Christian when the desire to know more of God through His word and to fellowship with other believers, complacency can set in. images

What are the dangers of complacency? Complacency leads to a drop in standards and the efforts that had previously brought success to a complacent person. Because of the false feeling and satisfaction we receive from past success and glory, there is this tendency to give up all our passion and drive. At the time of complacency, we let down our guard and tend to relax. For a Christian, it can lead to disconnection from your spiritual source. These are reasons why we must totally avoid becoming complacent.

If you are already entangled by complacency, you can overcome it today. These are way to achieve that.

  1. Embrace creativity in your daily life.
  2. Become accountable to someone.
  3. Set a deadline for your goals.
  4. Raise your standard very high.
  5. Get rid of visible signs of success.
  6. Remain always motivated.
  7. Delight yourself in God’s word

I do not claim that these are exhaustive ways to overcome complacency but I can assure you that applying these in your life will definitely help you win the battle over complacency.

So, I hope that this week, you will not struggle with this weakness but move to a greater level of performance in your work and life. Have a successful week.

I still remain…..

Your friend in Success and Excellence

Apeh Omede

@jabulaniapeh, @ApehOmede, @SuccessConverge

Team Leader – LifeExcel and Convener, SuccessConverge

BBM: 74200893





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